Snowpocalypse 2014

On Tuesday Atlanta and surrounding areas as well as Alabama was surprisingly dumped on with around 2 inches of snow and ice and caused total madness.  I was one of the lucky ones who was sent home from work around 1pm and so it only took me 30 minutes longer than normal to make it to the house whereas most of my friends weren’t so fortunate.  A coworker who left at the same time spent 9+ hours in the car to go the same distance but her route included the mess of an interstate. My poor boyfriend spent 4 hours in the car to get from campus to my loft which was a measly 3 miles-totally nuts! After I made it home I immediately hit up Kroger for supplies, ie. beer, and stayed indoors until Dustin arrived and suggested we go check out the Beltline, here’s our mini-adventure-

snow1 snow9 snow5 snow6 snow4snow10 snow3 snow7 snow11

We didn’t go too far from the house since it was legit FREEZING and no amount of layers was keeping this cold natured lady warm.  We did go to the North Ave. overpass and watch cars, even trucks, attempt to make it up the icy hill until a cop on an intercom told them to “do not proceed, safely do a u-turn and head back.”  We were amazed at all the stories that flooded our FB newsfeed of people spending hours and hours in the car, folks trapped at work or spending the night on the highway, kids stuck on school buses and even a woman who delivered a baby on the interstate!

 Bet you are wondering how in the *bleep* 2-ish inches of snow shut down a city, well here are two articles I found interesting and accurate, 1 & 2.  Today Atl is up and running and I’m back at work downtown at the Mart. Hope everyone in GA and Bamaland is also back to normal!

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