My first try at an Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl ~


2 c power greens, whole cucumber, whole avocado, ice, coconut water, mint sprigs, dash of lemon juice


mmm, healthy fat


I enjoyed most of the toppings, however, when I didn’t finish it and went to blend all together for a massive smoothie the pomegranate seeds got real weird. Probably wouldn’t do that again.


Evenly blended, good consistency though didn’t want to hold some of the heavier fruit for that long. Reading other recipes, a thickening fruit or vege would work or making it colder should do the trick.


Kiwi, more mint, chia seeds, pepitas (pumpkin), pomegranate seeds, coconut, strawberries


Only a small race against time trying to get all this to stand afloat for a pic :P Turned out pretty and def learned some things for next time!

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