Hi! Happy Friday! I apologize for the absence and delay of continuing to post our wedding photos.  The blog was compromised and it took many emails and calls (and near hair pulling out) to get the issues fixed but thanks to Natasha of Nicely Built, we’re up and running properly again!

In the order of how the day went, here is our first look. We chose to do this to take off a little pressure and to allot time for portraits. So so glad we did a first look, highly recommend!


We shared many tears of joy. I get choked up when I see this photo because I’ll never forget him turning around and seeing his eyes well up with tears of happiness. What a moment!


The venue’s home, where we all got ready and hung out, has a green house so of course we took advantage and got some shots in there. This was a definite favorite.


Because we picked the pasture as our ceremony location we had to have something to drive myself and my dad to the alter otherwise it would have been a long walk or golf cart ride.  Sweet Meadows had posted a wedding on their blog a while ago that used this old taxi cab a local resident had restored. I fell in love and asked if we could track down the guy.  He agreed and was really sweet. So glad it worked out because it was truly perfect for the transportation and photos!


He’s taken (º◡º)っSuit by Calvin Klein, tie from Tie Bar, collar shirt via Charles Tyrwhitt


Dreamiest dress by Jenny Packham and hair vine from Anna Marguerite’s Etsy shop, fur was borrowed from friend (thanks KJO!) and is vintage


Of all the photos we put on Facebook the above pic got the most likes. I’d agree, it’s a goodie! Getting scratched and ripping my dress on several briar plants was worth it!


SO many we love that it’s going to make picking a few to print difficult. May just have to have entire gallery wall of us! (I kid I kid)

All photos by Ben and Colleen

Have a good weekend folks!

Next up: the ceremony!

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