Took some time to step back, take in all the wedding photos and look at them, over and over and ovvver. Didn’t want to put a ton of pressure on myself to post before I was ready but now, I’m ready to share!

There were 1,195 but don’t worry, I narrowed them down to my favorites.  This first run is both wedding parties getting ready.  We had private suites on the property making our experience intimate and comfortable!


Eliz and KK admiring the contouring the makeup artist was doing on me. I was a little nervous it’d be too much but I was so happy with the outcome after I got used to the “new me”! It seriously felt like I got facial injections with the way it highlighted and ‘lifted’ areas of my face. Contouring is no joke!


Hair and makeup by A Glamour Affair who did a fantastic job on me and all my ladies! Everyone came with a photo for the stylists and it was replicated perfectly. We were all impressed with their work!


I don’t know what I would have done without my girls there helping, calming, hanging and making me laugh. I love each of you, especially you Momma!

Meanwhile the guys were out in the pasture shooting skeet like true Southern gentlemen!


Even if you’re not into guns, this is pretty sexy!

This activity was such a nice touch to the day and all the guys really enjoyed the bonding! At the end of the day my dad gifted the above gun to Dustin. It’s special because it was the gun his dad (my Papa Joe who passed away many years ago) shot his first deer with and it’s a Winchester (which is my new last name) model 12. Meant a lot to both of us.


According to my dad, Dustin was “the man” with target hitting, making me proud!


The grooms suite was so fitting! It had a taxidermy deer head and a gun safe, the ultimate man cave!



We got ready from 10:00-2:00 with our first look at 3:00 which is the next post + our portrait session!

All photos by our photographers: Ben and Colleen

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