On Wednesday Slow Food Atlanta hosted a series called “The Drunken Snail” and partnered with chef Jennifer Booker, Concrete Jungle and Mercier Orchards for a night at Little Vinyl Lounge sipping and snacking on an apple-themed menu.  My good pal Katherine helps run Concrete Jungle so I went to support her efforts as well as get a taste of Fall and find out more about Slow Food. Here’s what I learned, Slow Foods USA is a non-profit organization that believes in slowing down, enjoying good HEALTHY food and taking time to learn about where your food comes from-among many other food related things! It’s national, member supported and has events everywhere. They aim to get you to reconsider the fast, most likely unhealthy, options and consider how that food will affect you and the environment. Like I said, they believe and care a lot about all things food- from growing to educating to eating. Read more here.
What I wore: Vintage top, Target button down, Citizen for Humanity jeans, Yellow Box moccasins, Madewell tote, TOMS shades and locally made necklace by Ali Sage.
Little Vinyl Lounge is under Star Bar. In case you’re wondering it’s always been there but has now become a separate venue rather than just being the place you retreated from the loud and smokey upstairs.  It’s been revamped and is smoke-free! They have a huge jukebox that’s filled with 7″ vinyl records from local bands. The owner, Susan, was telling us that at the end of each month they tally up which record got played the most and that band is rewarded a $100 bar tab!
The featured drink of the night was cider from Mercier Orchards  of Blue Ridge mixed with bourbon and some Autumn spices-so yummy!
Apples were the theme so even the meat was paired with apples. Chef Jennifer made her own bourbon bbq sauce and made these apple and chicken skewers-very tasty. Not pictured were the zucchini and apple fritters and apple pancakes. All of it was delicious and paired very well with the featured cocktail.
This photo screams Fall-love it!  That little fruit is called a flying dragon fruit and was picked by Katherine. The bar juiced 4 pounds of these little guys and used them in a spritzer. It’s taste is citrus with piney, earthy notes.  She gave us one to take home, the cats have been sniffing and curious about this fuzzy little fruit!

Speaking of all things Fall, we are going to the Blue Ridge mountains this evening until Sunday. We plan on having lots of fires and making smores, going hiking, cooking a little bit and maybe going to the Mercier on Sunday if there’s time. Have a good weekend!

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