this weekend was Shaky Knees fest’s inaugural year and to say it was a wild ride is an understatement. I’d like to give everyone that stuck it out in the weather conditions an internet HIGH-FIVE! since mother nature showed very little mercy for attendees trying to watch and listen to good ole Southern folky bluesy tunes such as Dr. Dog, The Lumineers, Jim James, Band of Horses, Gary Clark Jr., Shovels and Rope and lots of other goodies! it was a rain or shine event that mostly RAINED. good thing my gal pal Mallory loaned me her rain boots because they were needed in the craziest possible way! 
because everyone was decked out in water proof gear (or just drunk enough to not care they were soaked…) I thought it’d be fun to capture some of the rain boots I spotted, here is a glimpse into days 1 and 2 of the Wet n’muddy n’soggy rainy festival:
(right) dedication at its finest! 
how great are some of these boots!? some of them I can assure you were NOT waterproof… 
thanks to everyone who paused in the sludge for these pics!

since day 2 was a little more dry I snapped some festival fashion shots, will post next!
xoxo, a now dried out and less muddy, Flashy :P

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