The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess challenged themselves to a 30-day Instagram Selfie Challenge and invited the rest of the web to join in for a chance to win their new photography idea book! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do some sort of photography challenge and this one seemed fun +easy so I joined in from the start and 30 (ish) days later I compiled many different styles of “selfies” Though the contest is closed and I [sadly] didn’t win the book, I did enjoy documenting my versions of selfies, here’s a recap from my Instagram feed all of which were taken on a phone (mine or Dustin’s if mine was dead):

you are about to read the word SELFIE more than any human should have to, sorry (I’m not sorry)

Living Walls party selfie + Braids selfie
Braves game with my man selfie + 311/Cypress Hill concert with my man selfie
pre-ombre hair selfie + seeing my contributor pic in Jezebel for the first time in print selfie
visiting my folks in FL and consuming high gravity beers selfie+ laying in Piedmont Park selfie
kisses at the Jimmy Eat World concert selfie + being in love selfie
feet in the sand at Cocoa Beach selfie + feet in the air at Cape Canaveral selfie
airport bun selfie + dress detail selfie
new sneakers selfie + new bracelets selfie
hanging with my other boo selfies
typical bathroom selfie + hot as hell after Braves game selfie
jumping my man’s car off selfie + surviving a crazy ocean storm while fishing selfie
messing ombre bun selfie + i’m sad it rains every day selfie
Friday night spent at home doing nails selfie + watermelon togo selfie
fake bob selfie + my room selfie
from where I sleep selfies

and there you have it! 30(ish) days of documenting my daily happenings with SELFIES
(if I never have to type that word again it’d be too soon!) I say 30ish because I’ll admit there were about 2-3 days where I got wrapped up in my busy schedule (or vacation!) and just FORGOT but then quickly posted early the next day. regardless I’m happy with how my final collection turned out! all are pretty different and not just me in my bathroom mirror sporting “duck lips”

until the next photo challenge adventure, follow my regular day-to-day pics on Instagram: @LADYFLASHBACK!

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