While the guys were off camping and hiking over the weekend a few ladies and I tossed around ideas of what to do and Scott’s Antique Market market came up.  I had never been but heard lots of good feedback.  But also stuff like “beware of replications!”  So I looked around the internet and found mixed reviews but since you never really know till you see for yourself, we went for it.

When we pulled up I thought “ok, looks like and old Walmart turned into an expo center, this outta be interesting..” but walking down the first couple rows I knew it was going to be good!


It was a good thing most of the stuff was inside because it was very cold and windy! There were some outside booths set up which is actually where I did all my buying, but the majority of browsing is inside the center.


These hand-painted audubons were from the 1800s. This hippie at heart will always love retro mushroom things!



Dressed comfy and warm in a Madewell sweater, Nordstrom top, InFlow Style leggings, Chucks, Neva Opet necklace and Madewell tote.


The above old grain sacks from France would make the prettiest pillow cases. Sara and I both gravitated towards the stripes. These particular ones were pricey but after walking around for a bit we found another vendor that had more reasonable prices.


Ok, so there were some mass produced, not so real deal pieces, but they were actually pretty great. The hanging baskets would make awesome fern planters.

These are dough bowls, unsure of the time period, but growing up my mom had one on our dining room table and I thought it was so cool.

If you’re in the market for rugs Scotts is the place to go!  So many vendors selling Persian and Turkish varieties. I found a couple I liked a lot but wanted to have Dustin’s opinion as well as wait till our couch arrives and we find accent chairs.




Lots of booths with specific categories but also a bunch with various antique knickknacks. It’s also known for it’s great selection of estate jewelry. Heard lots of brides to be shopping here.


with VSCO with a6 preset



There was a plant dealer that sold the neatest arrangements of cacti and succulents. Took a lot of restraint not to buy the above planter!  Ash bought this huge aloe plant from the guys that had a flower that was about 4′ tall, really unique.



Another item that took talking myself out of buying. The last thing our house needs is another set of antlers. Though I really liked these better than our bare ones, the plaque adds a bit of classiness.

Things I haven’t stopped thinking about: grain sack pillowcase, a white/black mud cloth blanket, that cactus and an old wooden crate used to transport Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Things I went home with: A fold-up picnic table from a legit German Beer garden.  Guy bought them from a town that bordered Germany and Belgium.  This was a dream score! Such a cool story behind it and $175 for a table and two benches that can seat 8 maybe, 10 people. We were wanting an outdoor table and this fell into our laps! Also left with two vintage crates. Not as cool as the Johnnie Walker one but stacked they make for a rad plant stand.

We hit up a lot of stuff but there’s definitely booths we didn’t see and also a whole other building. Next time it’d be good to do one building one day and come back (your ticket is good all weekend) to conquer the other. I can only walk around so many hours plus we had to break for lunch (and beers!)  After coming home and telling Dustin about it he’s wanting to go, so a round two is definitely in order!

In a nutshell:
2nd weekend of the month, Fri/Sat/Sun
$5 entrance fee with free parking
Two buildings, North and South, bus on site for a free ride
1 ticket purchase gets you in all weekend

Tomorrow my little brother ties the knot! Crazy to think all three of us will be hitched. Weather’s looking good-Dustin and I both are in the wedding-should be a fun and lovey dovey time!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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