I did not think that my Wednesday Wishes would come true, or at least not so quickly but two out of my last wishes d.i.d. (!!!)
The 1st was the new Jenny Lewis album-Acid Tongue, given to me by a special Feas.
The 2nd was my garden getting completed and now I just water and wait. It’s a great feeling, and I can’t wait to prepare meals from veges that I grew myself,with some help from friends and family.
**Between Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I had a relaxed yet enjoyable
weekend that included Ladies Craft Night, sushi, getting lost in a forest, a 6-hour cheese cake, failed attempt at volunteer work, visiting a flea market, gardening, cook out, and a visit from a close close friend.**

Also I acquired a new family member named Greta and
now for her debut!!!!*************
She is a beautiful 4mo. old chicken who is perfect in every way!
**We are best friends**

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