After we got engaged and people congratulated us the next thing they asked was “do you have a photographer in mind already?” Much to their surprise, my answer was “actually, no..I mean not totally sure.”  I really wanted to think on it since it’s so important to me. My plan was to look at several different photographer’s styles and see which would capture our memories in a way that we both thought represented us.  I know many photographers in Atlanta and worked with some already.  But after browsing the web and coming across Ben and Colleen of Pure Gold Photography I instantly knew that they were it! Next it was seeing if they were available and even through a date change they were open! Their style of photography is soft and bold all at the same time.  They don’t over due either side of the spectrum like blowing out whites and enhancing the contrast too much.  I love the color of their photos and I can say this open-ended because I feel like it translates to all their photos and not just one set. Their work is consistent which is something I am striving for as a photographer myself.  Ben is outspoken with a silly personality and Colleen is a perfect counterpart, a little quiet at times but enjoys laughing and cutting up as well.  Dustin and I thought they were like us but opposite-me as Ben and he as Colleen. We all mesh really well!

A little about the photographers—
They met in school, both studying photography and after being friends started dating and recently got married.  They honey-mooned in Scotland and took a bunch of amazing film photos you should take a look at here. They’ve shot over 100 weddings.  Film and other experimental photography techniques can be seen in their work.

Here is a sample of some photos that caught my eye when I was looking through their archives.
A few Sundays ago we went out to Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, GA for our engagement shoot with B+C. We got there just around sunset.  I’ll elaborate more when we get the photos back but for now they’ve put a few sneak peeks on Instagram, here they are!!!
b+cAll photos by Ben and Colleen

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    November 13, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    Perfect fit for you!! They are incredible and I can’t wait to see them capture your day!

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    November 29, 2014 at 2:53 am

    I love the makeup on the first girl.


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