Pump Up the Volume

2009 mar 27///

Kjo && Steph threw a party on the stormy Friday following my birthday celebration with the theme of Jazzercise 2009 with potluck “childhood favorite”
above was made by Gavin, who doesn’t love ants on a log?
there was also fire ants on a log, maybe those are just native to Alabama..

Dusty’s Jazzercise 2009 outfit included a vintage inspired Nike shirt found at TJ Maxx (($5.00!)), vintage Alabama jogging suit, fannypack also vintage and borrowed from me

Caty Ann loves Tang, stick on earrings, spandex and Jazzzercise!

//Alabama Slammer Time

those are some moves//
100% Vintage

joggin buddies

breaking a sweat//bursting through bubbles

 I wore my thrifted wig until I literally sweated it off//
All vintage except leg warmers bought from Urban Outfitters many many years ago.

can’t tell but I was pumping him up, too fast for digital

Team Cobra
I was so thrilled to “build” I was always the tall girl stuck on the ground

the boyz insynch 
//This party was so much fun, we were able to eat really unhealthy food//i.e. pizza, tater tots, mac’n’cheese, Cool Aid (plus adult juice), Sweet’tator’Casserol, AOAL (ants on a log), and some other shiz//and then work it off!!
Today and Yesterday//
were spent checking out duplexes && apartments in Atlanta, hanging with friends, and living on the road.  Earlier we stopped at a really neat Urban Outfitters on Ponce De Leon that’s in an old drugstore building and I replaced my thrifted wallet, it’s always a refreshing feeling//

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