This time last week Dustin and I were planning to hit the gym after we finished our work day but then decided a sunset picnic at Piedmont Park sounded better! In order to make it somewhat exercise we opted to ride our bikes to Wholefoods for the groceries and then take the Beltline to the park. We picked up wine, cheese, chicken salad, fruit and tabouli salad. On the way we stopped at this in-progress mural that Hense is working on, it’s changed a little bit since then but still the same concept. Found this sweet little leaf that was given a makeover during the process —
Wearing — Anthropologie top, Citizen jeans, Birkenstocks, TOMS shades

We set up the picnic at a dock on the pond. We didn’t know that shortly after assembling everything we’d be ambushed by ducks but they ended up leaving us alone.  That was until these two Turkish women brought bags of old bread and started feeding them, then it was a frenzy! Even a catfish and turtle showed up to get in on the crumbs, that was pretty darn cute!

Cheers! Does this look inconspicuous since it’s in a coffee cup?!

After finishing dinner and enjoying the sunset we hopped back on the bikes and headed home. I just love the convenience of my current location to everything and being able to travel on bikes!

Have a great weekend!

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