Out of the Doors

Today’s weather was so lovely that my boyfriend and I decided to do many things outdoors to take total advantage.  We went to Mana, an organic and health food market/cafe for lunch and then went and plundered at my favorite antique shop.  We also did our two favorite activities with one another, frisbee throwing and bike riding.  I did some backyard cleaning as well since it’s been too gross to go and clean up around the garden.  My fuzzy lavender plant needed to expand it’s roots so I replanted it in a larger pot and got my hands dirty for a bit.  I love sunny days!!!  The clouds recently started rolling in and with it comes horrible weather, so right before the skies got dark we rode to Capture Studio for cheesecake and chai tea ((MmmMmm)) 

Can’t tell if the sky is laughing or crying..

Top: Vintage
Purse: Vintage
Jeans: BDG
Ring: Locally crafted silver and Rionite
Bracelets: Urban, Vintage 
Shades: Vintage gift from Emma
Nail Color: OPI Russian Navy
(Thanks Emma!!)

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