Selecting home goods has definitely been one of my favorite parts of wedding planning! I’ve only browsed online but Dustin and I plan to visit the actual stores we are registered at to see the items in person.  So far to the two stores we like and feel are well-rounded are Macy’s and Crate and Barrel.  We agree that the registry needs to be refined and tailored to a criteria of need versus want.  I’ve read some good advice in regards to not getting too “appliances happy” and to really think about what you’ll use. Here are the reasons why we’ve added the above to our registry right off the bat-

“China” set: We both want our dishes to be clean and simple and want to go with a bone white. Not sure the above is the exact set but something very similar is what we’re leaning towards.

Cutting board: I have only plastic ones at the moment and would like to upgrade to a wooden board that could double as a cheese platter- the above would is perfect!

Knife set: Back in college I was given a set and since added mismatched pieces but all of them could be tossed due to not properly taking care of them or rust along the handles.

Crock pot: We’re both big fans of soup and stew but haven’t had the room to store a crock pot in our tiny kitchens. This will definitely come in handy!

Toaster: True story, I still own and use a Hello Kitty toaster I bought in 2004 from Target. Yep- I need an upgrade!

Copper mug: Been eye-balling the Moscow Mule mugs for a while, they are one of the “want” items more than the “need” items but will surely get used.

Mixer: This was a no brainer to add because I’ve wanted one for a least a decade but finally feel like it’s the right time to own.

Towels: Both of our towel sets need to be tossed. I like the idea of white towels but with makeup and hand drying I just feel like they’d get too dirty, so grey is a neutral compromise that I don’t think will soil as fast.

Drip coffee maker: Dustin is a huge coffee drinker and while we have a newish coffee pot I think I’d like the smoothness that this style maker yields. Plus you can make iced coffee-my favorite!

These are my favorite items from the ones we’ve picked so far. We’re still shopping, thinking and planning our future home together. I can’t wait to shake off the college and early 20’s clutter of my home and get a more refined, simplistic home!

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