oh Christmas tree!

this year, due to several reasons we opted for a fake tree and for several other reasons (destructive cat, Target sales..) went for a 3-footer. the only issue I have with the little booger is the ornaments from last year are a little to large, but i found some minis at Ikea which filled in the extra space.
pretty happy with the outcome:
i spy an abominable snowman!

excited to show off some of our most recent (home) purchases-red shelf from a garage sale in the hood $10.00 new (but a little damaged on back, which doesn’t matter) from Ikea, white chairs from Ikea, and black shelf on wall from Home Depot. So now our place is officially “done”!!!
last year’s stockings made from vintage fabric, old sweater,  vintage skirt, hobby lobby ribbons & lace, with some vintage pom poms. 
ugh. ignore the weird spot on my dress-spilt water and then tried to fix it on iphoto-which obviously did not work….
[vintage Liz Claiborne dress, vintage Gucci purse, Anthropologie tights, vintage boots and jacket]

Friday the new work place had their Christmas party at a swanky italian restaurant in Buckhead with a delicious 4 course meal and open bar. afterwards we danced till the morning at the W like VIPS, it was nuts!! if only we could party like that all the time!! 

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