If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a sale!  If I’m being honest, I gotta admit that most of my purchases are marked down. (however, I will buy things full-priced if they start as a fair price!) Naturally, I’m a thrifty lady, so it’s nice when stores have big site-wide sales because then I don’t feel guilty in adding items to my closet!

As most of you savvy shoppers know, Nordstrom has a huge Anniversary Sale each year and it’s open to the non-cardholders as of TODAY!  The super attractive part of this sale is that it’s markdowns on new Fall items so you can get a jump start on that dream Fall wardrobe vs. having to wait till the season is halfway over to score deals. Enough with my yapping, I know you want to get to shopping so below are links that’ll direct you to each of the items in the above collage on Nordstrom, have fun!

// 1. denim jacket // 2. stripped top // 3. white denim // 4. trench coat  // 5. sneakers // 6. sweats

// 7. booties // 8. bucket bag // 9. maxi dress // 10. parka // 11. black denim // 12. backpack

// 13. sheer dress // 14. tote // 15. boxy dress

*Since the sale went live I’ve realized some of these are not included in the sale but still really awesome!

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