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I’ve picked up a new little side hobby I’d like to share!  You’ve probably seen the weaving and wall hanging trend that’s been popping up for some time now and either wanted to try or at least pinned it to your DIY board. Well, I did the same so now I’m actually going to make it happen!

I wanted to get some good quality yarn to start with so I looked around and found Camellia Fiber Co. out of Tennessee. I picked out this ombre blue made of 40% alpaca, 40% merino and 20% silk. It’s so incredible soft I wish you could feel the computer screen!

Above is her photo I ordered from and below is my photo when I received it. Things aren’t always exactly how they appear on screen but in this case it was exactly as expected and even better!
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A while ago when I was renting a studio at The Goat Farm Arts Center I picked up lots of supplies for dream catchers that I never actually made.  After failing at that project and having a bunch of money sunk into the materials I got pretty discouraged and thought “maybe I should just stick to photography and blogging..”  Well now that I’m in a home and have the space to be more crafty and not feel like I’m over stepping boundaries with a roommate, I feel more inclined to give the crafts thing a go!  I unpacked my box of dream catcher supplies and grabbed all the brass hoops I bought off Etsy. Then added some of the yarn and boom, wall hanging! This one is very small aka adorable. The hoops is a mere 3″ in diameter. It’s the only one I have of this size so I’ll probably keep but I’m planning to make a bunch more with the other hoops I have and sell at a festival or pop up shop here around town. Stay tuned!

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