I’m sure with my mention of a dinner event you were interested in hearing more details, right? so here goes, the Moveable Feast is being held THIS SUNDAY at the Highland Inn Ballroom hosted by Native Crave-a catering and events company my boyfriend has been operating since last year. he’s booked live music including a harp session by Atlanta local singer/song writer Nadia Marie, a Swing House dj set and we’ve handcrafted decor. OH and there’s also the delicious tapas menu he’s prepared!!
in regards to the events environment and attire Ryan said “I want the space to feel as if we were making our home among the trees and coming together for fellowship and celebration. the attire should reflect that in the way of re-meeting our true selves. like taking your city look back to it’s roots. therefore-urban meets arbor.”

if you are in the Atlanta area come over to the Highlands for a unique “Supper Club” experience. 
pre-purchase tickets here
or buy at the door!
the event coordinator and chef dressed in his version of “urban meets arbor” 
foxxx_two foxxx_three foxxx_4
Ryan wears: H&M button down, Asos trousers, UO suspenders, and a Christys’ Crown trilby
if you attend, the chef will give you a big SMOOCH! (sike, those are only for ME!) 

1st Course: Nordic Barley and Root Vegetable Stew
2nd Course for Hunters: Deconstructed “Mug” Lamb Wellington
2nd Course for Gatherers: Roasted Red Potatoes Stuffed with Mushroom Ragu
3rd Course as a Palette Refresher Prior to one of the most decadent and luscious desserts you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating you will be served…
A Minted Shaved Jicama & Pear Salad with a Honey Citrus Vinaigrette.
4th and Final Course: Earl Grey Tea Infused Dark Chocolate Brulee

if you’re interested in seeing our inspiration for decor, attire and food presentation, check out our Pinterest board:

Happy Friday to all and See you Sunday to the locals!

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