Mischa Monday and More!

don’t worry this won’t be a weekly occurance (Mischa Monday, that is) but I’ve had these photos on my desktop for over a week and had to share them with everyone. One reason is because of her style and how it’s ever changing, she wears exactly what she feels like wearing and doesn’t so much follow trends-rather creates them. Also the fact that if I had designers wishing to dress me from head to toe I would dress exactly like her..she mixes vintage with nearly all her outfits and her twists on ‘the norm’ are always fantastic!
day to day Mischa//
Mischa by night, love that turban headband//
Mischa w//fashion forward friends. Her booties are too cool, look at the heels!
MW for H&M
Mischa at the Matthew Williamson for H&M party, wearing M.W. of course//
Speaking of, I am kinda upset about this line, called H&M here at Atlantic Station and they had already shipped all the women’s clothing to NYC, and there was a little bit of the men’s still remaining. total bummer. 
indian mischa
indian Mischa//
(my favorite Mischa of them all!)
fun times
this picture is so fun, looks like one of my friends and I partying it up with crazy straws and masks
– this one via The CobraSnake.
All photos are from The Fashion Spot but sourced from other sites.
and now the “MORE” part//
new items listed at EBV!!
shorts on sale now!
top from H&M
*does not include belt
*does not include belt
such a great fit!
I love this spin on the traditional Mexican dress, the tube top is so comfortable! 
**a side note**
check out the vintage snake bracelet I picked up via Ebay-I’m in love! 
oh yes, keep in mind these are not the only items up for auction, many more HERE.
Hope everyone’s week and new month is starting off right!! Mine sure is!! Arrived home from the beach yesterday to a new friend, a ten week old bob tail grey kitten with long fur. eeeE! Haven’t stopped playing with him since!! His family was dropped off somewhere and picked up by the human society here in ATL and only had a couple of days before “no longer being available.” Dusty jumped on the opportunity and brought home the little guy a couple of days ago sort :) of surprising me when I got home.  He’s a whiny little man but also a whole lot of entertainment-the hardwood floors make it difficult for his furry paws to stay grounded, too funny! 
Don’t know about the state or country your in but here it’s HOT, a whopping 90 degrees today with a medium smog alert-yikes! I will be spending most of the day inside applying for jobs &&& organizing more crap I brought and unloaded from the car that must be crammed somewhere. it’s going to be a grand day…but listening to Jamiroquai ALL DAY will help everything be more pleasant.

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