It’s been a minute since I blogged about fashion but since Fall has made a quick appearance this week in Atlanta I’m thinking of how this year’s Fall/Winter wardrobe’s going to go.

Off the bat I can say, denim, DUH. Always include denim, as well as wools and leathers. But this year’s specific vibes are a little different. More sporty as I’m loving hightop sneakers, little tomboy, but most importantly: functional.  Since I’ve gotten my closet down to what some would call capsule wardrobe size and others would say “sparse” I want to remain intentional about what I bring in for the upcoming seasons.

Few weeks back while attending a Frye event at Ponce City Market I popped into the Madewell to check out the change over from Summer to Fall.  I said to Dustin “I could wear every single piece!” which I’m pretty certain scared him because he knows it’s pricey :P So in love with the new roll outs, here are my favorites from the current lookbook:


After wearing this length in a jumpsuit from Anthro, I’m curious to try on this style of jean. Could be fun with ankle boots.


Never been a lover of pink but this blush tone has been inspiring photos lately so I’m down to try in my clothing mix.


Give me all the stripes, especially in black and white.


In Europe the Adidas comeback was strong and it’s appearing to have made it’s way here as well. Since I already have several pairs of white sneakers, I’m into this reverse black with white style.


Haven’t stopped wearing white since Labor Day came and went, and don’t plan to! Winter whites for the win.


I like all these pieces individually and especially admire the layering, said it in seasons past, but I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of layering. Love this idea with a long sleeve dress.


Picking up 70s vibes here and am so ok with it! Been rocking a bandana myself a lot lately too.


If mixed differently, these items could be basic but this outfit is anything but. It’s pretty much everything I described in the opening paragraph: sporty, tomboy, functional.


My favorite sweater last year came from Madewell. Now they’re making sweater skirts, yes!


Again, had a very similar jacket to this last year too and am still crazy about it! Not complaining they’re bringing back great pieces with some alterations to them.

These may seem pretty casual to you and you might not be jumping for joy thinking about trying them on and adding to your wardrobe like I am, but Madewell brand gets me. If they get you as well then lets go shopping! Now through 10/14 Shopbop is having their Main Event Sale to help get you ready for cold weather and they have a great selection of Madewell as well as loads of other brands! See all details here.

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