LumberJack Coming Back.

Savannah and I (the chick I model for her vintage ebay store) have noticed a trend that is popping up for this season.

It’s always been around but now its in full swing and fashionista’s everywhere are paying mega bucks for flannel that normally tree-cutter-downers sport. Savannah witnessed an ebay auction for a blue/black combo plaid LumberJack flannel end for $255.00. Can you believe this?? They put the shirt on a cute girl with other cool clothes and there you go, they made bank. The other day my boyfriend even showed up with a red/black combo flannel shirt, which I am totally borrowing. i can dig it, I love red and am falling in love with black this season. just ordered two black shirts from Urban:

lunch break is over, now I must peddle back to work..

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    November 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    so true. my roommate bought a relatively cheap bb dakota red/black lumberjack jacket about a month or so and asked my advice, thinking people might take her for a hick or something.. i told her she absolutely needed to have it and it hasn’t let her down yet. spotted lindsay lohan recently on some blog wearing white/black lumberjack print, which was awesome, even if the rest of her wasn’t.. where was the blue/black from? i feel like i’ve seen it somewhere as well..leonora’s tresure chest, maybe?

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    Hippy Chic
    November 1, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    The blue/black button down was an auction on Mama Stone Vintage. All of her auctions end for a ton, but she does have great stuff.

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