into the wild

a couple months back i participated in a photo shoot for body politik, where i transformed into a frilly mushroom and danced around in a reconstructed vintage biker jacket.
the story line/inspiration was put to me as…a girl goes into the forest on a spiritual journey and experiences adventures with a medicine {wo}man/shaman, wild animal and psychedelics {Me!-the shroom!}
////take a look at the outcome of a couple chicks with a dream of fashion, needles, fabric dye, a great makeup artist and some aspiring models..
all clothing is hand sewn and hand-dyed by 3 girls living in Atlanta. the leather jacket is vintage and reconstructed by Oni. photos were taken with 35 mm film, developed, and edited on photoshop. such a fun experience and very interesting ride home with all my spores!
check’em out at:
made by Onisha Roman and Friends…

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