Sunday was International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate ladies than have a picnic in the park?! The weather was perfect. The drinks and food were delicious. The company was lovely. For entertainment we had a dogs of all shapes and sizes.  I made a quick punch consisting of chardonnay, champagne, crushed blackberries and seltzer water.  My carpool buddy and I took the easy route with food and went to our local Kroger.  She got chicken salad, bread bites, deviled eggs, potato salad and I got sushi (they have an in store chef and it’s surprisingly good!) and an apple pie for dessert.  Elizabeth made cucumber strawberry salads she stored in mason jars for easy travel.  In between laughter and story telling we made flower crowns from real flowers. Can you tell I have a thing for boho head gear?! 16592492629_c88c8c79a0_k






16571367177_a2e8da8cfb_kCaroline had the perfect idea to keep our wine and flowers upright, picnic hack!16591251220_b_kWhat a glorious day!

*Outfit details-Kate Spade shades, Anthropologie overalls, H&M top.
*Elizabeth’s awesome dress I’m sure you’re wondering about came from Asos!

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