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moonfeather1924morganYou know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and screenshot images you find inspiring and save them in your library and go back and look at them over and over again until you delete them because your phone is full and you must make room. (I know it’s not just me doing this!)

Well I’ve had a few images that have been chilling in my library and I thought I’d share, here are my top four of the moment!


On this account you will see-floral decor, flowers, diy

Not that I’m currently engaged but I’ve been looking at this image and realizing its vibes are exactly what I want for my future wedding. You can see this on the Pinterest board I started a while back, not even ashamed that I’m already pinning!


On this account you will see- minimal photography, handmade goods for sale, branding

Their photos really stand out from a lot of the images you see on IG. They let the object/subject speak for itself and often have a lot of white space. Trying to simplify myself in many ways and this account is great inspiration.


On this account you will see- a photographers adventures/behind the scenes

Recently Morgan and I met when her friend connected us after Rachel realized we both had a similar love for all things denim.  She’s a friendly local with lots of experience under her belt and is currently traveling and documenting for So Worth Loving.


On this account you will see- a jewelry maker’s adventures, goods, behind the scenes 

This lady is seriously crafty. I’m dying for a couple of her stack rings! Not mention she’s got a great eye for snapping photos-creative angles and cropping-I’m always taking mental notes. If you don’t already follow these accounts and you like to be inspired, I’d say you outta check them out.  These are the type of folks that keep me wanting to take my hobbies further!

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