Due to the fact that Alabama is ridiculously hot I have been forced to spend a good bit of time indoors.  Although  I don’t  sit around and do nothing and keep myself busy with projects or other activities, it still sucks that I cannot spend day time outside. My friends and I will go to a local watering hole in the woods and float around but I wish I could just hang outside and cloud gaze.  Doesn’t help that my job and (new) internship are both indoors too, and I keep finding myself wishing I was a life guard again.  
Nope, it’s time to grow up and get a real job.
In a previous post I showed photos from my studio apartment that I lived in this past year. Currently I live with two others in a very decorative house that is covered in colors. Here (in the main living room) is what I wore Friday night to Crunkasaurus Sex  at Egans bar:

Lace Blouse: Luxe-Urban Outfitters
Tank: Lola
Skirt: Vintage Liz Claiborne 

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