I Wish Wednesday

my wish for this wednesday is…

to be closer ((both in distance && connection)) to my old friends.
i wrote about Liz previously [here] and this is part 2 of her visit to here in Atlanta.
we hung out a good bit hitting up the Bodega Pop-up Sale, grabbing dinner & drinks, going to the awards ball and kicking it around my new place BUT my favorite time spent was def dancing it up at Down & Dirty via The Graveyard Tavern.
i knew that ‘back in the day’ we liked to wiggle our way near the stage and throw down but having not seen someone for nearly 5 years you just don’t really know how things will be..well much to both of our satisfaction we are still very similar in many ways and STILL love to bust some silly moves! which is what we did all night long, in our semi-coordinated outfitZ!

Down N Durty 07_17_10  006

here comes trouble..
Down N Durty 07_17_10  057
△▶Moon Beamz ▶△
dude in the bground is cracking me up! “tuxedo” + colt 45 + that facial expression = hilar
Picture 6
yes, there were a couple Robo moves that occured that evening. on both of our parts.
my fellow dancing queen!
wearing my H&M dress, love coordinating with my girlies ((and boyz for that matter!))!
((this seriously is one of my all time favorite purchases from H&M, sooner than later i’ll be wearing it in some fashion))
felt self-conscious for all of 5 mins. then really fell in love with this outfit and got over my insecurities. with a little help from mr. jack daniels. shhhh.
top: Vintage Liz Claiborne
bandeau: AA
necklace, cuff, boots, purse: Vintage
feather earring: 9&10 shoppe
sparkle pants: untagged-via Steinmart

♥♥highschool besties!♥♥
Picture 3
it was a long day and even longer night so don’t judge my end state of wretchedness!
big reason why it is so hard to stay connected and see my friends from previous years//states is that i’ve relocated a crazy amount of times. dad was a pilot in the US Air Force literally from birth till graduating high school and now flies for Southwest Airlines, so i was forced to uproot every 1-3 years..putting me in 12 different states by 2004. i didn’t mind it, infact, LOVED moving ((most times!)) but it does complicate relationships. i’ve kept up with the friends that really count i guess, but still would love to be closer to others for sure!
moral of the story?
make new friends, but keep the old
one is Silver && the other’s Gold
happy hump day y’all !!

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