I Wish Wednesday

I wish I wish…
This day would get better.

I wish hair grew at such a rate that I could cut my hair this short and have the option of long hair within a month or two.
Photo: FFFFound

(This is from my inner adolescent self and the Now Me)
I wish I could see The Spice Girls, LIVE!
photo: Spice Girls

I wish I could eat a turkey burger today.
but I guess a Lean Cuisine will suffice.
photo: TheCobraSnake

Days like today, I wish I could fly away.
Oh, the joy
it would be.
photo: FFFFound


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    October 15, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Great pic’s! I love that haircut too, my hair is just to short at the moment to achieve that look…lol! :o)

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