I Wish Wednesday

For a while there I was posting “I Wish Wednesday” on a weekly bases, but then slowly got caught up in other things. But now I sit here on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and have the time to post and have just a couple wishes for today.
(Most Important)
#1. I wish I could score a job in graphic design making a decent salary with benefits and all. 
#2. Considering I just broke my camera (isn’t life just grand?!) I wish to own this:

#3.  I wish I owned more black AND gray; the following photos are of ladies sporting bits of black (or) gray in the most charming manor around.
From the French site: Garance Dore’

Love this men’s wear twist, fancy clothes and feminine purse

Oh my! Her accessories are grand right?


Ok, I know Alabama isn’t so cold as other parts of the world, but I would totally rock this over-sized scarf!!

I am not sure but I believe this is Dani Stahl from Nylon’s Factory Girl column. Anyone agree? Regardless those sequin leggings rule!

These pants are Marc Jacobs, I have a similar vintage pair that are different fabric but I equally adore.

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    November 21, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    I wish Wednesday is such a good idea for a post!!! Beautiful photographs.

    Oh and i LOVE that you have Bright Eyes on vinyl. So jealous.

    Have a beautiful weekend xox

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