Hope you’re all excited for the holiday and ready to feast!  I know we are- definitely in need of a short work week!  I’ve been real eager to share our cocktails from the West Elm bar cart shoot and I thought what better timing than right before Thanksgiving when folks go all out with recipes and indulgence.  All three recipes below are pretty easy.  All the ingredients I can pronounce and nothing you wouldn’t be able to locate relatively quickly.
In the shaker:
rye shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Fig Bitters
1/2 jigger sweet vermouth
muddled satsuma
Directions: Shake/Pour/Garnish with peel15878130362_b9ec5dea4a_k
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In the shaker:
whiskey shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters
couple fresh blackberries
2 small thyme sprigs
satsuma and rind
Directions: First muddle fruit and herbs/Pour in liquid/Shake/Serve over ice
Does this photo have you craving dark chocolate, sea salt and home made pie crust?  Let me tell you, this thing was something else.  In one word: decadent.  Me and my taste buds want to thank Courtney for making this treat!

See the recipe on Real Foodology.

The other snacks in the photo include Whole Foods pimento cheese with salted crackers, cornichons and satsumas that doubled as mixers.  I didn’t know if I’d like working with such a small fruit but they peel easily and yield a good bit of juice, so I’d do it again for sure.
#3 (not actually’s a remix of #1) 
In the shaker:
whiskey shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters
1/2 jigger sweet vermouth
juice of satsuma
Directions: Shake and serve over ice 

Not too hard right? My favorite was the first. Mostly because I can’t handle spicy drinks but Dustin and Courtney loved the sriracha bitters and would definitely recommend.  All items were c/o West Elm. Colorful vases and flowers were made by and belong to Evan of Leggoe Land. To recreate these drinks with the bitters, glassware and shakers, visit West Elm’s holiday bar section!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow-indulge, you deserve it!

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