Round two of Hangout Fest is under our belts! Since I wasn’t shooting fashion and performances this time around was way more chill.  Which was nice just enjoying music and all the things the festival had to offer like ride rides and chilling on the beach by the condo beforehand, something we didn’t do as much last year.

First day it rained in the morning, or should I say, hurrican’d!  I’m talking whistling wind and sideways rain.  We were so worried the day would get cancelled but the rain let up and the music went on around 3:00.

Security was NUTS checking bags and being jerks and as a result the line was ridiculously backed up when they finally opened. We waited for 2.5 hours missing the band we wanted to see the most, Silver Sun Pickups.  We ran to the stage to hear the last strum of their last song. It was a very sad moment. BUT, we rallied and took the couple of hours we had between sets we wanted to see to chill.

The fest had several spots to unwind, our favorite was Camp Hangout, which had these teepees and a fire pit.  Sitting by a fire next to the ocean and being able to see and hear music, doesn’t get any better!

Dustin found a pick-up kickball game that also helped to turn the day around.  Especially silly because in between the bases was a slip-n-slide!  Saw a couple funny whip outs, hahah.  In this photo he had just kicked the ball over the fence and got to 3rd, go D!

Day two, no rain and beach hangs!

We are in love with our new Pendleton towels!

Found these cuties at Target. Black swan is a bad influence :P

My happy place!

Wearing a Stetson hat and Free People cover-up

Q’s bike chain broke and so they rigged up this two seater-so funny trailing behind them!

We did a lot of watching from afar but for a select handful we wiggled ourselves up close, like Miike Snow! I’ve seen them 3 times now, Atlanta/Coachella/Hangout. Great performers.

Dustin and I seriously have a taco problem. 9/10 meals include some form of them.  Actually, we think it’s great, so not a problem at all! Bring on all forms of tacos!

Chilling down in Stella style~

Last minute I stopped at Junkman’s Daughter here in Atlanta for some fun hair dye.  Ended up buying blue and dying some strands of my recently highlighted hair that turned out pretty much green, but that’s cool, it’s so subtle. While I was there I found this awesome cover-up, loving how Grecian it looks.

I’d say we’re working on getting some Summer color but both of us are wearing 50-70spf, sooooo…..


My in-motion glamour shot hahah!

So fun! Didn’t go upside down, thank goodness, probably had too many Stellas for that but it did provide a nice breeze!

My girl Grimes! We watched from a little ways back but could see her and her awesome backup dancers moves.

Day three!

Rode the ferris wheel for a cool down and views. Emma winked at the guy running the wheel and he let us go around a few extra times!

Wore my new Free People dress and while it was very hot and sorta hard to walk in the sand in, it was totally worth it. Felt right dancing to Florence in as well. Her performance stole the fest!

Overall good time. We’re thinking next year we’ll just go to hang on the beach and listen from a bar or restaurant like some friends did. I’m not over music festivals by any stretch of the imagination but maybe done with Hangout. We’ll see, I said that after my first Coachella and went again and it was such a good time. This years line-up, for us, was just ok.  Missing Silversun, who we had our hearts set on to see up close and rock out to, sucked big time. The headliners interested us but usually we like the bands just below headliners and last year they kicked butt-Joywave, St. Lucia, Phantogram-but not as much this year.

Monday we took the day to do more beach chilling and rented a cabana before driving home- so worth the tired Tuesday!

Tonight we’re headed back to the beach for the holiday weekend. Whirlwind couple of weeks but bring on more sun and palm trees! Be safe everyone <3

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