glorious gloomy day.

Oh My have the last few days been wild. My car decided to be rude and need a tire replaced along with not starting. All is well, my parents did all the repairs and said ‘Merry Christmas’ but you know what I’m having a party tonight and nothing can get me down.  There is a theme to tonight’s party: Classy Christmas, and I will be wearing a vintage piece I picked up a few days ago.  Along with party planning and photo shoots for the Ebay store I was also surprised yesterday by a package from my sweetie.  He knew how obsessed I am with picture taking that he gave me an early present and it was the Nikon Coolpix that I was looking at!!! So there will be lots of photos to post after tonight’s shindig. I have cleared out a dance floor, set up a punch and finger foods table, and decorated like Martha herself.  So thrilled!! 

Oh and in other awesome news I made my first Esty sale!!!!! Here is what I sold:

They went for $75.00 bucks, I did a little dance around the house and have been giddy ever since. Congrats Janet on your new Vintage Chanel Thongs!!


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    December 5, 2008 at 2:02 am

    oh great! and those are So adorable xx

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