Girls of Summer

it’s about time i take a [short] break from posting photos of my friends and i throwing down and actually share some of the inspirational photos i’ve been hoarding on my desktop for weeks! after looking over my selection i realized that they were all fabulous females and they all were cohesive with the vibes of my summer so far:
vintage ((as always))
bright ((but will little bits of black))
super big sunnies

this first one is actually a personal friend who posted photos of her travels to the West Indies on FB and i just FELL IN LOVE with this particular outfit. it’s a vintage 1950’s swimsuit, belt is Free People, and glasses are vintage as well. look at her beautiful hair too, overall: perfection.

give me oversized, everything.
crop tops.

this photoshoot entirely was amaze, but since everyone and their sister posted…i picked my fav, which was of course the cool neon, psychedelic print! all the jewelry was to.die.for.

this snap is from Faboulista’s uber chic blog, really enjoyed her mix of patterns && shapes in this outfit-which she always does so well//view more lovely photos ((HERE))

my kind of festival attire! !

think i actually had these shorts in 5th grade, if only i saved! !

♥ the shades…♥the top…♥the skirt…♥…the stacked bangles-what a great outfit styled by the ladies @@ Nasty Gal Vintage!!

picnic blanket, woods, freedom..all a summer m.u.s.t.

lead singer of Edward Sharp && the Magnetic Zeros @@ Coachella, if i could steal those perfectly broken in shoes RIGHT OFF her feet, i would. she’s such a cutie!

was almost a california girl.
atlanta gal is fine with me though!
i actually have a vintage postcard with these shoes photographed on the front, they would be a splendid addition to my wardrobe even if they just sat on a shelf for me to stare at


all-american summer.

that’a girl wearing that SPF!! which i partake in on a daily basis, gotta protect the fairness.. her color combo is really unique, cream and burnt orange-i will HAVE to try.

i literally had this photo on my desktop for WEEKS, and would open it and just stare. these ladies know.what’s.up. authentic 80’s and so so so good. two middle chicks are my favorites, esp in the white hat that appears to say “Rush” and if she’s referring to the band-EVEN BETTER!

this photo reminds me of hanging out with my buddies as a younger lady, listening to the loud bugs && hoping we didn’t get called in to come home on a summer night.
photos via: elle france, mr. newton, urban outfitters blog, we heart it, knight cat, the fashion spot, mania mania, nastyGal, wildfox x cobrasnake

welcome to the weekend, hope you find some summer time inspiration from my collection of randoms, as well as enjoy your Friday!

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