13096816524_5bbcabbc79_bHere they are, the picnic pics! I’m extremely happy with how these turned out, we couldn’t have asked for better weather and the sun and shade were perfect for photo snapping. Everyone pitched in flowers, snacks, drinks and blankets to make the perfect hillside picnic area with DIY flower crown making. Some ladies brought their dogs and one sweet girl made a flower crown for her furry friend. Take a look at our Saturday afternoon by the Grant Park pond!-

13096648873_4bf528e543_b13096495185_6bf80ddbf3_b13096807154_ca9305c6c2_b13096504475_a3a16933b6_bThe tunes were provided by Ruby from this vintage suitcase boombox with solar panel battery pack, yep, solar freakin powered!

13096452245_42e279eaa7_b13096767704_6993a53fd9_b13096590003_ea04637efb_b(above) What would a girl party be without Franzia?! (below) This was Sydney’s mom’s picnic basket and totally has a matching blanket to go with!

13096803334_4a71470314_b13096600633_02760a7a9b_bThe youngest party girl sporting her crown made by momma, isn’t she adorable?! Even wearing a flower tank.

13096798674_60ebeebf9c_b13096790754_473b923982_bGir and her momma, she didn’t mind wearing the crown at all and walked around with it on her little furry head!

13096575593_f45776404c_bThese were the components to my crown. I learned from a few ladies that had made some really kick ass ones that it’s best to make little bundles-almost like boutonnieres-and then put it together on the crown structure. I liked this method a lot with using real flowers.

13096461285_99fc58edbe_b13096757104_cea1f9a448_b13096778984_a7e486bf37_b13096639753_e2f13f3d04_bI’m wearing an H&M dress (that I ripped 3 times, the slit is now much higher than it used to be, oops!) Anthro boots, Clothing Warehouse shades, Madewell necklace and a vintage charm bracelet I picked up at a clothing swap.

Like I said on many social media outlets, this day cannot be beat! Well, unless we just recreated it entirely and I’m so down for that (hint hint Allie!) It was nice chatting with old friends, making new ones and getting crafty. I’ve noticed at these types of events where there’s a craft along with party I usually get distracted for the first hour or so I’m there and then get going on the craft. My Vino and Vajayjayz group is making dream catchers on Tuesday along with the usual food and vino and while I know I’ll get distracted by wine and friends I hope to come home with a new one to put by my bed!

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