When you hear “20 million daffodils” you gas up the car and go!

And that we did, a few weekends back. While Dustin is a skeptic to believe there was actually 20 million, I’m terrible at math and am a believer, I mean, they just went on and on and on- as far as the eyes could see. With all the trees still in dormancy, the flowers really shined!

What I wore – Madewell overalls, thrifted Banana Republic sweater, Frye boots and Brixton hat

You’ve probably figured out my love for all things onesie- overalls, jumpers, coveralls- can’t get enough! Here are some great options if you’re looking to try for yourself or add to your growing collection, like me! In particular I gravitate towards overalls like the above Madewell or a classic Levis, but explore for yourself, more options, click here.

These were Dustin’s favorite, they were more petite than the others. Working on this post, I got curious. How many daffodil types are there? So, I Googled. Including hybrids, THERE ARE 13,000 TYPES! What?! That’s crazy! Not sure how many varieties we saw, but with “20 million” probably a lot! ;)

These were my favorite!

This is a “paperbush” tree aka Edgeworthia Chrysantha – how stinking cute?! Wish you could smell through the screen because those lil bushes are so deliciously fragrant. We had one for a while, but it recently bit the dust. Yes, even a blessed green thumb has casualties…

To quote D “I’m wearing my wife’s color palette now” haha but it looks good right?!

Gorgeous and easy trip outside of the city. There’s always something in bloom too – visit the gardens to see what’s fresh!

Next up, some exciting SALE news, details to follow!

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