favs FRYday

took me long enough but im finally posting ((some)) of my favs from the Atlanta Photographers Guild shoot back in June. this is outfit #1, so there are two more outfits to come! can’t really choose a favorite outfit because all three were different and fun ((and ALL vintage!!)) but this one was “so me” and i really love this top, purchased in San Diego-senior year of college-for literally $1 and hoarded up until this shoot, i was esp excited to bring it out to play!
by mathew smith
i can, however, choose a favorite photo…which is ▲▲▲ ((above))…shot by Matthew Smith under ShadowBoxerPhoto.com ((his site)). he climbed up top of this random trailer thing to get the photo and it proved to be worth the risk! really love the angle-go Matt!
choose a bunch of MSHI’s photos, because they too are all very good. above and below are shot by Adam-also very talented-his flickr HERE
another from MSHI

his photos were great from the last shoot too! above and below by Glen, his photostream HERE
another by MSHI ! !
argo road images
these last two by Mister Wombat under Argo Road Images. We both got a kick out of using the billboard as a backdrop, which oddly, no one else thought to do. Good eye Brian! His flickr HERE.
well, what do you think of outfit #1?? i wouldn’t typically wear such a short crop top, which is probably why it sat in my drawer for so long, but with high-waisted shorts it didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. this is a new look i’ve been sporting more and more, a little tumtum never hurt anyone :))
enjoy the hell out of your weekend ladies, i will be posting photos of last week’s HEAVY next so check back-they are goodies!

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