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Collected some photos from NYFW via, Style Sightings, as well as a newly discovered site, Altamira featuring photos of off-duty models. take a lookie of some of my inspirations, notice a pattern?
fashions night out
mary kate & ashley grabbing a drink during Fashions Night Out
everyone loved the side braids at A. Wang’s show, I immediatly sported the look, only around my house so far, but def going to style again soon. although I did loose an inch or so yesterday so it may be a minute, pleased with the cut though. . . .
nearly fainted when I saw this outfit, it’s sooo goood. that blazer is from Zara, euro Zara. sigh.
the high-waisted leather shorts make quite the outfit!
31 gear////
model sandwich. Yummy!
erin wasson + RVCA Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha at the Erin Wasson x RVCA show//that jacket would go nicely with my fall wardrobe! 
backstage a. wang
Rachel McAdams during Fashion Week, looking great!
such a perfect pair of round sunnies!
this is my kind of outfit! comfy all around.
these ladies have got some killer style!
could I have put enough blazers in this post?!? so obsessed, but have NOT found the perfect one, and am holding out until I do. Speaking of blazers, my boss brought a pile of crappy old clothes to work to try and give them away to the guys, well of course I rummage through and find two blazer jackets by designer Lanvin! score. totally snatched them up for either a menswear inspired look or a gift to a skinny dude friend. . .whichever. . 
another photo from Altamira’s site, &&& these ladies know what. is. up. 
not talking about their hair either, which is awesome, a look that is quite easy for me
-frizzy hair-
blackfabulousness for sure!
as for the post prior, where I mentioned The Sounds show on Friday (which isn’t on Friday at all but rather SATURDAY) (learning this AFTER buying tickets. . ) I’m getting even more excited and looking forward to the weekend since last week’s suuucked. yay for tomorrow at 5:00pm, may it come quickly.

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