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For the month of January, Dustin was searching for jobs and the days he wasn’t interviewing he was at the new house working away on unpacking and home projects.  He accomplished so much! I can’t say I’m surprised because he’s very driven and extremely handy but I am still impressed!  In this post are some of the things he created not including one project still isn’t done and our headboard that he refinished doesn’t photograph well because it’s nearly black.

Above and below are the light fixtures he made in less than 10 minutes.  They are in our master bedroom above each of our nightstands.  I saw the idea on Instagram and he made it come to life the very next day! He got all the materials from Lowes-his second home-and they were very inexpensive.  We’ve talked about staining the wood to match the headboard but since he started a new job Wednesday, the honey do-list has been put on hold till the weekends.
This is our new coffee table he made from Ikea butcher block he had from the desk he used at his old apartment.  To make it more suitable as a table he coated it with a butcher block sealer.  We found these hairpin legs on Etsy for about $12 a piece which we thought was a really good deal and he sealed them with Rustoleum metal sealer. We both love the outcome! Minimal with Mid-Century vibes, exactly what we wanted.
I purchased this little guy at Root City Market from Saga Mountain Workshop. He gave it to me for $5 because it wasn’t finished with a hanger or hooks or anything just told me “do with it as you wish.” So Dustin made it into a key and sunglasses holder for the entrance. Easy little project that comes in handy every day.
16456088441_3b8b67c80d_k15837759903_de3109c188_kLastly my favorite of his DIY’s – my looms! I had wanted to try my hand at weaving and since I had an in-house handy man I figured I’d get exactly what I wanted in a loom if we just made it ourselves.  The original was the larger loom. I thought I’d want a big one for larger weavings but then realized I preferred to weave in bed or on the couch hanging with him and the cats and the large was too much to manage on the reg so he made the smaller one. I’ve created several weavings that I’ll be sure to share soon!

Thanks to my handsome fiance for making so many projects come to life and getting so much of the house done single-handedly! You rock!

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    February 6, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    He can come over and do some stuff around our house ANYTIME! :)

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