Here’s a cocktail that’ll help you make it thru all the holiday shopping and forced family ‘fun’ times, it also happens to be our wedding’s groom signature cocktail!

For the wedding Dustin thought up this concoction then when I was approached to make a drink using Templeton Rye I thought “I should recreate our drink and share with the world!”

My direction was simple. Use the rye in the cocktail and use a Weybridge 1761 bow tie as inspiration. DONE.

I really liked how the bow tie was in the family of our wedding colors- a fun coincidence!

So, I took the recipe Dustin created (used the rye instead of the whiskey) and blended the ingredients together making a tasty golden libation and created a sartorial vignette tying (pun!) it all together!

See recipe below.


3 oz (or 2 large jigger pours) fresh apple cider
3 oz (or 2 large jigger pours) ginger beer
4.5 oz (or 3 large jigger pours) rye
Candied ginger for garnish and a snack!

Combine all ingredients, stir/swirl around, serve over ice, garnish and ENJOY THE GOOD STUFF -Templeton Rye

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