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Hi Lady Flashback friends! I’m so excited to be sharing interior spaces and inspiration here on Jess’s blog. I’m a graphic designer during the day, but I’ve been interested in decorating ever since I was a kid. I plan on sharing some decorating tips, home trends, and just general home eye candy. Today I’m going to be sharing a little insight on decorating with mirrors.


It’s easy to overlook mirrors as a decorating element for anything other than your bathroom or your bedroom, but the truth is, mirrors can work in any room. They help open the space up and reflect more light into a sometimes dark room.



When looking for a mirror for your room, think about the statement you want to make with it. Do you want to add it to a collection of framed art, or do you want to make an impact with a grand mirror? Think about whether you’re for something new and modern or vintage. Adding a vintage mirror to your modern space can bring in a fresh, eclectic feel.


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Each photo above linked back to original source. Be sure to check out my blog, Glass and Sable, and Pinterest for more inspiration! Thanks, Jess!

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