DC and Shinannaginns.

This past weekend I flew into Maryland, was driven into Virginia where me and n’old pal-Sean-had some drinks..watched some classic footage of The Grateful Dead, w/Janis and The Band-The Festival Express (great DVD, I recommentd!) then slept in VA, awoke and drove/took metro into DC where I did some s.e.r.i.o.u.s shopping in Georgetown (my fav shopping area in the US of A). Had an amazing lunch ad La Madeline-a cozy french resturant that has the best pasta salad I must say! and later that night after eating dinner and catching up with another ol’ friend went back into Georgetown but for a different purpose-drinking. Ended up having a wonderful time that ended with us three as the only drunkards left in the bar, only to hobble back to metro and take the long commute home. on Sat morning I had to get up, pep up and clean up to go and visit my girl friend Khristy who had the cutest baby ever 13 months ago, and I had not met the little yet. hung out and caught up on eachother’s life, hugged and said goodbye. I’d say it was a grand weekend in the general area I called home for about 4 years.
on another note::
here are some of the adorable trinkets I picked up at the last photoshoot I did with Savannah..

vintage spice jars.

gold hand dish

a very old mirror that is a future project of ripping off the victorian stuff and adding something more poppy. let me know if you disagree and I should leave it be.

my unicorn kneckace-$1.00!! i love it!!!

these are vintage shoe clips-I clipped them onto a pair of old ballet flats and it looked stunning.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    November 23, 2007 at 2:28 pm

    some nice stuff you got there!
    About the mirror, if it was mine I would leave the victorian stuff on it. But that’s maybe because I love the Victorian style (but not to dress myself ;) )

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