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On the daily I try to keep my outfits comfy while still keeping them chic. I wore this outfit to work and to a brunch date with my boyfriend. At the showroom one of the designers said “Jess, you can pull off anything, I mean…if I wore houndstooth with polka dots and track shoes people would ask me if I forgot to take my meds!” Compliment? I thought so! Currently mixing patterns is trendy and while it’s not difficult to do with my wardrobe, since I have a TON of patterns, it’s got to be done strategically. You can’t take two random and wild patterns and put them together and head out the door, or you might actually get asked if you forgot your meds. I’m no fashion expert by any means and I’m still trying to nail down a particular personal style but I have noticed many do’s and don’ts through style websites and my own trial and error.
I posted about wanting new sneakers and included a wishlist from and low-and-behold these bad boys were marked down! Comfy, foreign and red, white & blue-SCORE!
I thought (and still think) these patterns complimented each other nicely, mostly since they are black and white and one is more bold then the other. I’ll continue to pair patterns with patterns but if I post photos looking like a fool, just know it’s one of my “error” moments and it should be worked out!This weekend I’m heading to Savannah/Tybee Island with my man. We are going for his half marathon run and turning it into a getaway and using Air B&B for the first time! It’s a house outside of Savannah, backed up to woods, complete with a hammock and even a tandem bike! Super excited to chill out for a few days with my love.

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    Cameron Adams
    November 14, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Make no mistake: you’ve really done something here. Monochromatic unity makes allies of the dots and houndstooth.

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