Didn’t forget I went to Havana, Cuba…

Had these photos in my cue for what seems like ages and while I want to write a huge long post about how amazing the vibrant city is, I’m going to keep the blabbing short and sweet but rather prove it with a ton of photos~

Follow me through the streets of Havana!

These goofs, poking fun at all our poses :P

Such a happy coincidence this pedestrian matched the ride~

The squares in Havana were something else~

You impressed yet? We certainly were!

Strolling down the streets you’ll come across “regular” buildings with some of THE most amazing details like this tile work. Definitely an ok thing to stop and admire, trust, you won’t be the only one.

A living wall to enclose cafe guests~

The best colors in Havana, ooh-na-na (had to.)

With our already bad off tummies-D and I felt poopy from the food most of the trip-we didn’t risk street food but it sure was pretty!

RON! Did you know that rum in Spanish is ron? Yep and we consumed a lot of ron because it’s dirt cheap.

Spotted this lil baby meowing alone in a square and dang near took him home! We joked about getting through customs “ma’am, do you have anything to claim from your trip to Cuba?” “NOPE”

Settings were off and I’m def not the focal point of this picture, but I guess it worked out because who cares bout me, THIS CITY THO~

Can you even handle all the color details?!

Another twinning moment caught quickly~

Our last apartment of the trip was bright orange-matched nicely with my velvet jumpsuit I wore for NYE celebrations~

There’s not an overwhelming number of “performers” but the ones that do hustle around, posing for photos for tips, are very pleasant. Strike a pose, snap a pic, just make sure to take care of’em!

Blake, our travel companion, said it best with his similar photo, “This picture, more than any we took, I feel embodies the human determination, ingenuity and heart that exists in the Cuban people. Whether they are stuffing a truck motor under the hood of a classic Chevy, or catching a beer between sets. Can’t see from this angle, but his guitar is beat to shit, no telling how many times it has been patched up and glued back together.” See his capture here.

Why self? Why didn’t you buy the dang record? Picture will have to do for now~

Hope my gallery was worth the wait :)

Next trip is Miami in July and we totally plan to hit up little Havana and see how it compares to the real deal!

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