Hope everyone survived their Monday! Over at my offices we are gearing up for the Apparel Show so it’s the usual pre-show crazy but it feels good to keep this month fast-paced since January seems to drag on and on.  This weekend Dustin and I saw the new movie, Wolf on Wall Street and had many’a good laughs! That film was wild, long and hilarious-definitely recommend if the F-word and nudity doesn’t offend you because Leo’s roll is phenomenal! We also attended the Winter Beer Fest at the Masquerade Music Park, of course we had lots of fun as we both love beer and live music.  In between these activities I snapped photos for Jezebel street style and visited Molly Rose Freeman‘s art studio at the Goat Farm. I’ll be working on those photos this week and will post a little interview with her soon. Today I’d like to share my photos from the lady bike ride, Critical Asss-


Critical ass 001Flyer by Lindy Lane

Ride started at Estoria in Cabbagetown and went through O4W to Little Five Points back around to the bar. It was a brisk sunny day that was filled with catching up with old friends and making a few new gal pals.


I gave our bike gang the name “Ally Cats” cause clearly are rebels that wreak havoc on the Beltline :P


Big fan of the detail on this Gap sweatshirt, fancy space lady attire.


Jess, Jessica, Elizabeth, Stephanie

ca6 CA3 CA7

To stay warm I wore an H&M hat, Gap sweatshirt, Gap denim shirt, 7 For All Mankind jeans (yes my ankles were cold!), new Asics from Free and a Tulle Jacket I got via winning an Instagram contest via Need Supply

I don’t always bike in the cold, but when I do it’s with a bunch of kick asss ladies around the streets of ATL!

For more information on the upcoming rides, follow along their Instagram account @critical_asss_atl

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