Chattahoochee Float

all photos shot with 35mm disposable Kodak 
myself and ashleigh getting ready to float down the chilly Chattahoochee//
dusty getting a head start, ‘hey, wait on us!’
vintage shades, Billabong swimsuit, second had Tevas
this lady duck kept begging off us until I threw her a couple chips, literally going upstream to try and get a bite. too funny!
cheers to cold ass water, cheap ass beer, weird ass swinger parties in the woods and completing a 4 1/2+ hour float without getting hyerthermia ((well only the beginning stages)) oh AND not loosing the float on the roof tied down with a purse strap and mp3 cord. HA. 
R1-15Aeverything was fine and dandy when we had beers warming and cheering us up but as soon as those 12 were consumed. very early. we were bitter about not knowing the water stays about 50-60 degrees ROUND YEAR. and paddled ourselves down river as quickly as possible with our shoes. ugh. great experience nonetheless!
one more cheers to the laziest Sunday ev. 

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