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Wine enthusiasts rejoice, I have found a hidden wine treasure!

An hour drive North of Atlanta will land you at Sharp Mountain Vineyards, Georgia’s 3rd oldest grapes.

We started with a tasting, which includes 5 wines. Below is what I chose and how I felt about it.

Usually a chardonnay gal, I surprised myself and went with a full pour of their ‘clean and crisp’ sauv blanc. MMM, would so drink right now! (but it’s 11am so…I digress)

Don’t let the comic sans font throw you off from the seriousness they take in their old-world style wine crafting; they grow, produce and bottle all of their own wine!

You’ll notice on my notes sheet, I wrote “only pinot noir in Georgia” which I was really pumped on as that’s my go-to red. Because of our high humidity and heat, it’s very difficult to grow in our state. Yet somehow, it’s been done, and quite well! Sharp’s was dryer than most I’ve had. Won’t even begin to sound like I know it’s because of this or that, I just know it was tasty!

One quick look at my IG and you’ll notice I’m pretty dang fond of this here (above) color. Even with impending Summer days, I don’t see it as a Fall-only pallet either. May be harder to find, but I’m on it!

Another thing I’ve been all about is-basics; you know, those staple pieces that can be mixed and matched within your wardrobe. Leaning less and less away from statement items simply because with my casual workplace and hobbies, the flashy pieces just don’t get as much wear.

At the moment, you could call my closet a ‘capsule wardrobe’ or at least the closest to I’ve ever been. Most of my favorite basics come from Madewell. Crew necks are also on repeat at the moment. Unless a client visit or shoot is happening, you’ll find me in a basic paired with classic jeans most week days.

A couple that stays together, dresses alike – that’s the saying, right?!

Back to wine, I would absolutely recommend visiting Sharp Mountain. If not only for the tasty wine but also the friendly staff and view of the mountain. There was a small group of ladies that posted up on a picnic blanket with the mountain as a backdrop, perfection if you ask me!


This time last week Dustin and I were planning to hit the gym after we finished our work day but then decided a sunset picnic at Piedmont Park sounded better! In order to make it somewhat exercise we opted to ride our bikes to Wholefoods for the groceries and then take the Beltline to the park. We picked up wine, cheese, chicken salad, fruit and tabouli salad. On the way we stopped at this in-progress mural that Hense is working on, it’s changed a little bit since then but still the same concept. Found this sweet little leaf that was given a makeover during the process —
Wearing — Anthropologie top, Citizen jeans, Birkenstocks, TOMS shades

We set up the picnic at a dock on the pond. We didn’t know that shortly after assembling everything we’d be ambushed by ducks but they ended up leaving us alone.  That was until these two Turkish women brought bags of old bread and started feeding them, then it was a frenzy! Even a catfish and turtle showed up to get in on the crumbs, that was pretty darn cute!

Cheers! Does this look inconspicuous since it’s in a coffee cup?!

After finishing dinner and enjoying the sunset we hopped back on the bikes and headed home. I just love the convenience of my current location to everything and being able to travel on bikes!

Have a great weekend!

Wine on the Beltline

last weekend a buddy of ours invited us over to check out his airplane hangar turned junk shop turned new loft/event space in Old 4th Ward. we hung out in the back and watched folks & their dogs stroll by on the Beltline while we enjoyed some vino. Ryan and I only sorta coordinated our matching blue and white polka dots. ;)
Ryan wears-Jcrew button down, H&M polka dot suspenders, and Peoples Market jacket
tattoos and light layers
(don’t be fooled, I’m mildly freezing here!) 
wearing-LOFT tee, UO Skirt, AA socks, vintage boots and Zatchels bag 

sadly, over the years, I’ve realized I’m unable to drink red wine due to stomach problems, and out of all the whites I’ve realized said problematic tummy really only likes chardonnays. this is actually not all that bad considering all of the common characteristics chards can carry. the body can be light and fruity to  complex and buttery. also considering possible tasting notes like figs, honey, peaches, melons, hazelnuts, as well as herbs and spices; who could possibly get bored? not to mention its versatile and can be paired with most meals. having a boyfriend who has been raised to appreciate good wine has taught me a thing or two which also has me passing on Kroger’s on sale selection! he has been giving me tips on how to drink it properly in order to pick up different smells and tastes as well as sharing how the different regions and temperatures add to the complexity of chardonnay’s many varieties. no complaints here!
though I cannot wait for Spring, it was nice to see the sunset and full moon from ground level through the trees.

next few days consist of a double date Alt-J concert and a ladies only clothing swap at Young Blood Boutique + Mint Gallery.

if you are an Atlanta local and want to join, visit the Facebook event page for more details.

it wasn’t until a couple of days ago i was made aware that the Atlanta Magazine had awarded the superlative for “Hip Style Blog” in their December issue. when i found out about the possible mention back in November i thought it was just that-a mention. to my surprise i was told that i had actually made the “Best of Atlanta” list.
i am thrilled to get any recognition but a real life print magazine that just celebrated their 50th birthday, even more RAD!
so here is the scanned front of magazine and my spot on the page,
breast of atlanta
thanks Kareem for helping with the graphic setup!
and since i was so incredibly sick for and around Christmas i wanted to share some classy images from our Classy Christmas VINO party hosted by my roommate and i on December 16. thinking this party is where someone got everyone so so sick, since my friends were also ill a day or so later-opps .!. nonetheless we mingled, nibbled, laughed and got merry with some whites and reds.
got the house all shiny and tidy for the shindig!
my sweety even brought over some balloons!
they gravitated around the light and cast off bits of red, so festive!
myself, roommate and friend Mallory all smiles after a glass or three
one of my bff’s, jamey turned into james this night-classy guy!
Harmony and I hanging out in my bedroom
too many prom dates to choose, went for my two favs!
and pose!
wearing an EBV [vintage] dress
AA socks
Corso Como heels
have some wine with that CHEEZZE!
also wanted to snap some photos of the lovely Elizabeth and her eclectic outfit, she had henna tattoos on her hands-too bad i didn’t get a close-up!
i believe this is [mostly] vintage w//F21 heels
always adore her mix of colors, patterns and styles!
hosting potlucks & events seems to be my thing and i usually get carried away making foodies, this time was no different. i made stuffed feta mushrooms and a spinach artichoke fondue recipe i found via the Melting Pot. the mushrooms i free-styled because you can’t really go wrong with bread crumbs, shrooms, feta and seassoning… and the fondue was so easy, and it had everyone coming back for seconds, here it is:

    3oz. chopped cooked spinach

    3oz. chopped artichoke hearts

    1 spoon of minced garlic

    8oz. shredded cheddar cheese

    5 turns of cracked black pepper

    for dipping:

    cubed bread- french/rye/pumpernickel

    vegetables – coliflower/carrots/celery/broccoli

serves 4 so i multiplied everything x3 i believe, made a ton!
and lastly,
wanted to share my stingy santa gift i went home with from a friends holiday party,
magical right????
i plan to paint the frame and then hang it someone very visible in my apartment!
well that sums up some of my December happenings but the best is yet to come-
NEW YEARS EVE photos, stay tuned!