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Lately I’ve been obsessed with sleeves that have open or off-the-shoulder detail.  It started with my wedding dress and now has over taken my closet! Funny thing is, I feel like my shoulders have always been very broad so you would think it would accentuate that feature and make me feel too wide but in reality it’s flattering.



This is the outfit I wore to Monday’s Herradura Tequila event. Thanks to Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita for snapping these pics in 95 degrees of Georgia heat (+ 100% humidity *probably..) before we got tipsy!

UO dress, Ray Ban sunnies via Shopbop, vintage bag and Old Navy sandals



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Tomorrow we are off to Chicago! It’s my first time going and we have a lot planned. Expect a huge recap next week. Until then, safe travels/firework lighting/booze drinking/lake floating/family hanging~HAPPY FORTH!



My love for vintage extends to music.  Back in the day when I was avidly thrifting, before I even owned a record player, I would buy records by artists I grew up listening to and frame them and collected mostly for the album art.  Then in 2003, at a yard sale I found a mint condition 1955 record player with speakers and from then on would thumb through the piles at thrift shops and yard sales.  Some time later I broke the needle and didn’t bother replacing but kept collecting here and there.

Not long after Dustin and I started dating he took interest in my collection and bought us a modern record player to actually take advantage of all the music I was using as decor. Now, it’s become our hobby! We love the slow-paced afternoons and evenings just hanging around the house, sipping a homemade drink or my favorite chardonnay and listening to the crackly sound of a Lynyrd Skynyrd album. We’ve also purchased new music on vinyl like his favorite Blink 182 and our favorite St. Lucia and Alabama Shakes.

People either laugh at young adults listening to vinyl with apps like Pandora and Spotify (both of which we use very often) or they appreciate it.

On Saturday when we went to Highland Row Antiques and perused the vinyl for sale we met an older gentlemen that thought it was great we were into records. He’s also a collector but to a much higher degree than we are, completing artist’s box sets. One of these days I’m sure we’ll get into the hunt of finding that one record we’re missing in a set, but for now it’s just fun!

Here’s this weekend’s loot:


Interested in these records? Purchase from below links:
Eagles- The Long Run
Fleetwood Mac-Rumors
Aerosmith- Aerosmith
The Doors: L.A. Woman

record playerThis is the record player we bought off Amazon. Super easy to use, press start and it automatically does the needle for you and press stop and same thing, needle goes back to the holder. It’s been great! Even holds Flynn who’s decided to make it his perch for looking out the window and with the plastic cover it prevents dust and cat fur from getting in. We’ve recommended to two friends who’ve purchased and loved. Find the additional items you’ll need to enjoy tunes here, here and here.

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This past weekend Dustin and I skipped town and went to Gulf Shores for my mom’s 50th birthday. That’s right, I’m 29 and mom is 50!  Pretty wild to think she had my brothers and I by the time she was my age.  She took the ‘have kids young then live it up’ route while I took the ‘live it up now and then probably settle down’ life route (luckily I found Dustin and am more than happy to plant roots and relax!!)

The trip started on Wednesday night driving down and stayed in a cheapy hotel outside of town then on Thursday meeting the family and checking into the condo.  Most of the weekend I was tuned out from social media and wasn’t my usual TAKE A PHOTO OF EVERYTHING self, which is pretty nice!

Relaxing and hanging with the birthday lady was the most important thing on the agenda. And that we did.  Other activities included eating a lot of seafood (some of which my dad previously caught), beach bocce ball (pretty dang difficult!) body surfing (Dustin’s a pro, well, second to my dad. Sorry babe!) and like I said, A LOT of chilling. Time flew too fast.

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Sunday we hightailed it back to Georgia up to Gainsville where we met a group of friends for an evening of party boat times on Lake Lanier. When I say this day couldn’t be topped, I mean that it could not be topped! Ok, this doesn’t include our wedding day or unborn children’s know.. in party terms can’t be beat!


Both Dustin and I jumped off the boat more times than we could count but he really went for record breaking. Once anchored, he didn’t stop! And there was a slide, which he went down in every way possible, including head first and even on a stingray float!

I loved watching him enjoy himself so much. Such a treat seeing someone you love living it up. Don’t get me wrong, I was too, but looking over and seeing someone lit from the inside out with excitement is a true delight.

The sunset was all kinds of crazy beautiful that night on the lake. We stayed in the water from roughly 6 till 11 something. Pruned beyond belief and sore as crap, that afternoon and evening was next level good. Friends and family, I love you! Adventures, love you too!


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This weekend friends and I headed up north to Cleveland, GA (sound familiar? I was just there, read about it here) for our friend Jessica’s bachelorette weekend. The intentions of the weekend were to relax, chill by the pool, EAT, sip on drinks, hike and of course celebrate J Step’s upcoming nuptials. We managed to check it all off our to-do list and more! Here’s a short recap..

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After arriving and unpacking the car we noshed on a cheese platter and hung by the pool. We all pitched in and brought floats, squirt guns and other water accessories. I made a white and red sangria for the night and we all combined forces to make about 6 pizzas of different fresh ingredient varieties. The next day we went for a hike behind the house but realized it wasn’t as “legit” as we wanted so we set out for Duke’s Creek Falls but on the way got distracted by “Helen Tubing” signs and decided that was more our speed! We spent about 2.5 hours floating down the Chattahoochee with several hundred other people from all walks of life, it was something else!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Saturday’s delicious breakfast provided by Muriel included a blueberry “french toast” casserole, an egg and bacon spinach dish and fresh watermelon. Take me back to this meal! But not that coffee, it was gross, we couldn’t figure out the fancy coffee machine and this ended up tasting like glorified gas station coffee..
photo 2 (3)

Despite being gross from our float we couldn’t resist a photobooth in Helen which was obviously made for two people max!
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I brought friendship bracelet materials and on Saturday after we sat by the pool and made alphabet bracelets. There was a “Bitch Please” “Stepweber” (bride+groom combo) and I went with “LF FTW”
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On Sunday I got dropped off at Dustin’s place and we made our way to Sweet Water Brewery with some of his family and friends and my little brother. A nice end cap to a pretty chill weekend. Yesterday Dustin and I started our Summer kickball season with our team “Community Bucket.” It was my first time playing kickball as an adult and I wasn’t half bad but still very much competitive! Hope everyone out there is having a swell start to the week!


as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m usually playing catch-up on updating recent events (hence Flashback!) so here’s another catching-up post from last weekend’s Summerfest + Artlantis events.

Summerfest is located on Virginia Ave and pretty much takes over Highland Ave. it features artists, food, live music and high Southern temperatures! each year I’ve lived in ATL I’ve attended the event with layers of SPF, a hand fan and cup of water and STILL get so exhausted from the sun and heat but I keep going back for more as I love all forms of festivals! Artlantis which is just down the street on Ponce De Leon, also takes place on the same day, but is Indie and has more affordable arts and craft goods. it’s fun to attend both to see all the variety of art, from high end contemporary pieces that I personally wouldn’t buy but enjoy admiring to reconstructed vintage clothing, between the two events you get to see a wide variety of goodies!

here’s some streetstyle, detailed shots of pretty things and festival snaps:

my outfit: Urban Outfitters top, shorts & shades, Frye sandals, vintage bag and necklace
hung out with Mallory who wore a Loft dress & necklace, Target hat, Havaianas flip flops and Ray Bans sunnies
also spent the day with this pretty lady, Ashley, who was so patient with me running around snapping photos!  
-pretty ombre and flower crown-
-all in the details-
-maxis are a comfortable option for the Southern heat-
the sweet lil lady in the floral shades told me they were on SALE at UO and I actually ran and got them for myself on the way to Artlantis, $10, SCORE!
after taking the pic of the girl on the left we recognized each other and realized I had actually taken her photo during Shaky Knees fest! I must really dig her style! dress on the right is vintage and ADORABLE.
top pic is of a little girl’s rad high top sneakers, she was pretty bashful but I think she was just playing it wayyyyy cool (since after all, she WAS super hip!) bottom Docs were recently purchased and she was real stoked I took this pic, yay!
my one purchase came from the booth and artist on the left, it’s a bendable headband that is made from vintage fabric (she is actually wearing one she made!) wish I could remember the name of their booth. shorts and crop tops are also a nice way to stay cool and were sported by many.
artist and hip lady behind the brand Melting Sun Apparel and her goods.
bumped into gal pal Nadia Maria riding in on her sweet road bike wearing highwaist scalloped shorts.
-more details including a cute bow tie-
left side lady scored this romper from the fest and immediately put it on to beat the heat! gal on the right is playing it smart by cooling down with a locally made King of Pops.
Foxboxes artist hanging in her booth which has really neat flasks (that are VERY practical and I use often).
really cool cement planters by local artist featuring my favorite plants: succulents.
shake-weight-guy rocking out for the Ponce De Leon traffic. he’s a staple around these parts!
Jess Jones porch hanging after a long and sun filled day adorned by my favorite pattern-of-the-moment, polka dots!
capped off the day with porch chilling and grilling with friends with this cutie named Buddy who belongs to the chef and hostess Stephanie. such a good day and it’s only the beginning of the Summer!

have a good weekend and as always-support local stuff!!