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We had a gorgeous Sunday and like the sun craving people we are, took full advantage of it!

I’m in the mode of not wanting to spend any more money on cold weather clothing so I’m reworking things I already have. Got inspired by Keiko Lynn layering a sweater over a romper, and gave it a go myself. What do you think?

I liked it! Tho, right after these were taken, the strapped snapped so, next! This isn’t the first time it’s happened either, had a terracotta jumper last year I loved so much and it suffered the same demise. #tallgirlproblems

Also, Hi!!!! First post in a long time due to malware and a sucky hosting company. Special shout out to Nicely Built for getting her up and running again! More to come and hopefully more SPRING TO COME sooner rather than later!

RECAP | Blogger Closet Sale


I know it’s been a minute but I hope you didn’t forget I promised a recap of the Blogger Closet Sale at the W Hotel in Buckhead. We had so much fun setting up all of our things and reminiscing about different pieces showing each other splurge items we never wore and things we bought hoping to fit in and had to finally let go.  Getting there early and being set up pretty quickly also meant I was able to get first dibs on checking out the other bloggers closets.  I ended up buying three things-from Tiffany I got a fringe Zara blouse and an H&M army jacket and from Jessica I scored a denim Zara shirt. I’ve already worn them all!

Above bloggers from LEFT to RIGHT, click on names to view their site: Jessica, Tiffany, Trina, Lauren, Tia, lastly- you’re already on the tall girl’s site! All photos by Dylan York.

zVaBGKAV-MHvWyB459NAfuEuYwoQarnCfo8Cn4v77kQDustin had the brilliant idea to use my old business cards as earring cards, made things so easy! I think I sold every thing in this pic, I who could resist those prices?!

-GAl1ttDLvV8S7AaIxH0EVVMaBz6P2cYgNEl3dBDfsUWe each signed up for Square which made things super easy! Personally hadn’t used the software/app before but would definitely recommend if you need to accept cards at a function.

PqCMB0xGNJ4FJrbCo3Bzzz8h3OAZTde_QTx00T9Gf5sMy shoes didn’t sell that well, unfortunately, but I went and sold some at Buffalo Exchange and holding on to the rest until we have our “Fall Blogger Closet Sale.” That’s right, the W was so pleased with how it turned out they invited us to do another but none of those details are squared away yet but when we know, you’ll know!

a7OxdLXvofzNx7PT0TVQIAhj1RcYGOpZgXvutQAl3JUBlogger Natalie of 11th Thread stopped by to shop and support. She went home with a vintage fake fur jacket and mint maxi skirt from my closet as well as a few other pieces from fellow bloggers.

1E4qHLNvhlnrFYmY-hvYRk09aJJLz9LfmQsxfI9kDqYMy handsome “assistant” who helped me out big time with hauling all the stuff and set up/break down. He’s the best!

Additionally to the photos, Michael Mogill made a really cool video, check it out! 


Jess in Grant Park and Oakland 234I’m real excited to share these photos from a shoot I did with Betsy a while back. To tell you the truth I’m not quite sure just how they slipped through the cracks of sharing here on the blog. That day we shot 3 outfits and I’ve already shared one and two HERE and HERE. I was thrilled with the outcome of these and was “saving for a special post” and then, whelp, life’s busy ways got the best of me.  So now I’m finally sharing our session at Oakland Cemetery, yay!

3 Jess'sJess in Grant Park and Oakland 295We may have turned on that facet, gotten the shots we wanted, got spotted and quickly turned off and booked it to a different area of the cemetery. maybe, maybe not. tehehe.

Jess in Grant Park and Oakland 301Jess in willowsJess in Grant Park and Oakland 278Jess in Grant Park and Oakland 281Jess in Grant Park and Oakland 260Jess in Grant Park and Oakland 257

Outfit details: Top and Sunglasses: UO, Skirt: Nordstrom Rack, Hat: Anthropologie

HAPPY FRIDAY and cheers to it almost being the weekend!  Hope you have some fun things planned or scheduled in some time to relax.


13904419694_a88f5935ca_bHope everyone is having a great Monday thus far. Post-long weekend Mondays are the toughest but you got this, just may take an extra cup of coffee!  I’ve had a little more caffeine than normal mostly since Dustin and I skipped town on Friday afternoon for a weekend with my folks in Alabama, which is a 8ish hour round trip. Not terribly long but 4 hours of forests and open roads always wears me out.  Over the weekend we went to the University of Alabama scrimmage, sat by the pool at their new home, grilled out and watched a 2-disc Eagles documentary with my dad.  Feel like I went back to the 70’s and saw them live, so good!

Since I’m not ready to fully recap the blogger closet sale, I’ll share these photos of my outfit that I wore from the event. Thank goodness I went with a light material top because as you can see the sun was beaming!

13904071333_1fe9f29f9d_b13904035285_92b7519a14_b13903987255_327074e5c6_bMy Outfit: Top-Cynthia Rowley, Jeans-JOE’S, Boots-Sam Edelman, Purse aka the most used bag in all the land-Kate Spade, & Shades-Oakley

13904022395_b501219118_bMore from the event coming, need to round up photos from Dylan York, the photographer who snapped pics while us bloggers were selling pieces from our wardrobe!

Enjoy the Cadbury Eggs, etc!

CAMP | Spring Supper

13837367805_e2baa20c02_bA creative group by the name of CAMP has been hosting meals and teaching workshops around Atlanta since 2012.  The contributors aka “counselors” have creative backgrounds in many areas such as photography, prop and fashion styling, makeup art, floral design,  graphic design and there’s even a husband and wife vintage rental company specializing in set design- DREAM TEAM!

Having admired their aesthetic for some time I didn’t hesitate when my roommate invited me to their Spring supper last week at Sun in My Belly.  I’ve been really excited to share this post because I love how the photos turned out. Between the talent behind CAMP and the beautiful space and natural light at S.I.M.B. it wasn’t hard to get great shots!



13837381303_710e5cec8e_b13836986885_5cfa1e5084_b13837242973_3703676a90_bHappy camper outfit details- top: Loft, jeans: UO, boots: Sam Edelman, purse: Kate Spade, jean jacket: Gap

13837046005_6b2fe23b74_b 13862661603_83cd1b9485_b13837355015_47a4b5341a_b13837311184_994fde23e7_b13837145143_95567d812d_b13837179675_1a10db3666_bCAMP >>>—>

The food was off the wall, networking was at an all time high, I multi-tasked with Jezebel street style pics and snapping photos for the blog (always hustlin yall!) and Atlanta provided a beautiful night-couldn’t have asked for a better experience!