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This Christmas was the first holiday that Dustin and I divided things up between both of our families versus having to choose one or the other. It felt so good feeling the start of our own little family happening and having each other during all the traditions. Next Christmas we’ll have the same last name-crazy!

This year we first went out to Alpharetta for an early celebration of Winchester festivities and gift exchange both on Dec. 14th and the 21st — he’s got a large family and is the oldest of six!  Next we went to Alabama to hang out with the Smith crew. We kept the four days in Tuscaloosa very low key, which is exactly what we needed after packing and moving over the course of two weeks. For nearly the entire holiday we stayed in stretchy pants and lounged around. We cooked a bunch of yummy food, watched several traditional Christmas flicks (i.e. Christmas Vacation, Home Alone) played Cards Against Humanity and consumed copious amounts of wine. The second to last day I actually put on makeup and non-stretchy clothes and we explored around the wooded back yard, that was until I realized Frye boots are not make for hiking (or at least not these boots!)  My parents backyard is beautiful and leads down to a pretty big creek, here’s my one non-pajama look from this week:

Most of this outfit is new, but the newest piece is the Kate Spade sunglasses given to me from my younger brothers girl friend, Emily, thanks girl! Love the mother of pearl detail, these are definitely my go-to shades of the moment.  This was my first time wearing these boyfriend jeans I bought at Urban Outfitters and I really like the fit, though I think the next outfit I pair these with will I’ll have a more feminine shirt.

Details – Shirt/ Target, Jeans/UO, Sunglasses/ Kate Spade, Boots/Frye, Beanie/H&M
Today we fly into Denver, CO and then travel a few more hours into Beaver Creek to go skiing for a week. I’m both nervous and excited since I know it’ll be beautiful but also haven’t skied since I was 19 and I’ve broken many bones since that time. I plan to take lessons the first day out there as it’s been recommended that I do so. I’m taking my camera so expect a big recap post next week. Until then, enjoy ringing in the new year!


As I’m sure you can imagine I’m somewhat overwhelmed (but really really excited!) with the beginning stages of wedding planning. I am thankful that we’ve decided to shoot for next Autumn so there’s time to figure things out.  I have quickly learned that the first and most important task is finding a venue and that it’s something to jump on right away. That being said I’ve already scheduled one visit at a barn on a plantation outside the city with several other locations in mind!  Another priority on my list is nailing down a general color scheme and theme because I want the save-the-dates and invites to follow to correspond with the colors we select.

Getting organized and started I got help from Ashleigh, who got married last October. She provided me with her Google docs and vendor list just as a reference. Dustin is excited about being involved and gives his two cents on ideas and brainstorms with me which is really nice. Can’t imagine battling to get an opinion! Also I have a personal wedding planner, my mom! She doesn’t live in Georgia but when go on vacation next week we’ll definitely knock off some of the to-dos. So far things are going good! Ask me in a few months and I hope to be thinking the same! Another thing I bet you could guess is that I’m going Pinterest crazy with wedding stuff! No’s a huge help having a digital mood board! Here are some of my favorite images and the overall vibe I’m thinking —

nativebearStamp set by local talent, Leela of Native Bear. Would love to support local and part DIY our invitations!

dressThis dress is actually from BHLDN and is sadly sold out. I’ve had it on my Pinterest board for a while and then spotted it worn in a real wedding via Our Labor of Love.

campReally like the use of lanterns and ferns to give a camp feel. Also would like to have some green garland around the altar area, not necessarily the tent that is shown here but the draping garland is nice.

confettiThese printed bags that contain coffetti to throw after the vows are a great idea! The photos would turn out really cool too!

supperDustin and I have already decided that we want long, rectangular tables vs. circle.

BEYNot sure what car yet but we do know we want to drive away in something vintage!
Click for Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There you have it, the very beginning stages of the Smith-Winchester wedding planning!

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CAMP | Spring Supper

13837367805_e2baa20c02_bA creative group by the name of CAMP has been hosting meals and teaching workshops around Atlanta since 2012.  The contributors aka “counselors” have creative backgrounds in many areas such as photography, prop and fashion styling, makeup art, floral design,  graphic design and there’s even a husband and wife vintage rental company specializing in set design- DREAM TEAM!

Having admired their aesthetic for some time I didn’t hesitate when my roommate invited me to their Spring supper last week at Sun in My Belly.  I’ve been really excited to share this post because I love how the photos turned out. Between the talent behind CAMP and the beautiful space and natural light at S.I.M.B. it wasn’t hard to get great shots!



13837381303_710e5cec8e_b13836986885_5cfa1e5084_b13837242973_3703676a90_bHappy camper outfit details- top: Loft, jeans: UO, boots: Sam Edelman, purse: Kate Spade, jean jacket: Gap

13837046005_6b2fe23b74_b 13862661603_83cd1b9485_b13837355015_47a4b5341a_b13837311184_994fde23e7_b13837145143_95567d812d_b13837179675_1a10db3666_bCAMP >>>—>

The food was off the wall, networking was at an all time high, I multi-tasked with Jezebel street style pics and snapping photos for the blog (always hustlin yall!) and Atlanta provided a beautiful night-couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


vscofilm_weaverhouse29Happy first day of Spring!  From the looks of Facebook and Instagram, everyone is pretty excited about it including myself! As I mentioned previously, I just bought the newest VSCO film pack for Lightroom and while perusing their site, specifically the features section, I came across an article on The Weaver House that was very inspiring.  The Weaver House is a site and online creative corner for twin sisters Hannah and Kelty. These girls wear many hats including photographers, stylists, web and print designers and online shop owners.  I discovered them through their interview by VSCO which featured images they took for Verily Magazine-

The Weaver House was approached by Verily Magazine to do a fashion shoot for their first print issue. With a theme inspired by the attire of Emily Dickinson, Hannah & Kelty assembled a small and talented group of artists and friends, together fashioning a set of awe-inspiring imagery.

vscofilm_weaverhouse03vscofilm_weaverhouse02vscofilm_weaverhouse08 vscofilm_weaverhouse10 vscofilm_weaverhouse11vscofilm_weaverhouse14

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s stylish habit of wearing white dresses, they invited us to produce a 14-page spread based on a quote about Emily from Mabel Loomis Todd: “She dresses wholly in white, and her mind is said to be perfectly wonderful.”

We were smitten with the notion of taking this theme and running with it, and immediately signed on, starting a Pinterest board with inspiration to build upon. We were lucky to reel in some incredibly talented local friends and stylists, from clothing to the model to props to makeup and hair. We shot the spread on Kelty’s farm just outside Portland, where we had free reign to climb, forage and snap photos to our hearts’ content.

vscofilm_weaverhouse17 vscofilm_weaverhouse18 vscofilm_weaverhouse19 vscofilm_weaverhouse20vscofilm_weaverhouse22 vscofilm_weaverhouse23 vscofilm_weaverhouse24vscofilm_weaverhouse12vscofilm_weaverhouse25 vscofilm_weaverhouse26

I really enjoy their interpretation of the vibe that Verily requested. I’ve been chatting with a local musician about doing something similar to this out at Stone Mountain or Arabia Mtn and with this new film pack need to nail down details quick, I want to edit and play around with films!

To read the full article and see all the photos, visit VSCO.

Rustic City

as I previously mentioned I wanted to show you my “version”of the rustic city gal trend that’s been circulating around for some time now. all of these pieces I wear independently as well as together to complete the look. out of this particular outfit, my favorite component is the parka having had to search for the right one for a while then ended up finding mine at H&M, I’m very pleased with my bargain! the lightweight fabric is great for layering in the colder months and will be perfect for a standalone jacket in the Spring.

these photos were shot by my lovely boyfriend at his lake house in Macon, GA. recently the community opened the nearby dam in order to lower the lake water level allowing for dock maintenance so the lake is abnormally low. I’m standing on land that is usually under water! did some exploring around the new “shore” and found deer tracks, fresh water clam shells, drift wood and neat stones.
this same afternoon after grabbing materials for the Moveable Feast dinner and party this upcoming Sunday (click on title to be directed to Highland Ballroom information and ticketing page!) we headed to town for a beer and to enjoy outdoor seating on an oddly warm January day.
additional outfit details: top: UO, jeans 02 via WildFlag in Poncey Highlands, purse: vintage Saks Fifth Ave

Happy Hump Day!