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Happy 2014 TO ALL! Haven’t been able to do a “real” blog post since Christmas day and I’ve missed it so much! SOOO, what do you think of the new look? Made the switch and so far really liking WordPress and don’t plan to change it up EVER AGAIN as it’s a huge pain to get everything moved over correctly, etc. etc.

Bet you’re wondering what’s happened since Christmas, ya? Well, things have actually been pretty quiet, no, really! My friends and I threw a fancy potluck NYE bash in East Atlanta but really other than that it’s been low key life around these parts. Mostly due to a transition in my home with my last roommate moving out to head north to Colorado and getting the place ready for a new roomie to move in this week. Had to replace furniture that was sold/taken and just now getting my home back to feeling normal.  Redoing your home in the midst of the holidays isn’t ideal but revamping feels good especially since the place needed a good scrub down!

I’ll be putting together a “Best of 2013” post so check back in the coming days!


Since Halloween is my favorite holiday I thought it would be appropriate to set a blog record and post twice in ONE DAY! Last week my gal pals and I had our monthly wine potluck party and for the second year themed it VINO & VAMPS. The roomie and I hosted it at our place since everyone wanted to meet Flynn. I wore a cape dress, threw on my widow veil and added some fake blood tears and turned into VAMPY FLASHY!
All of my lady friends are great cooks and make delicious treats for our gatherings! I made a pumpkin yogurt dip recipe found on Pinterest-and by I, I really mean my friends..I just bought the ingredients and got too sidetracked playing hostess.
There you have it, the ladies and I doing our Vino & Vajayjaz thang!


dutch & heshka

Last weekend we got the Halloween party(s) started with a night in Little 5 Points at the Boos and Brews bash at Front Page News. We went into it thinking it was a beer fest since they sorta advertised as one but quickly realized it was simply a BIG PARTY so we dove right into the dance floor then challenged another couple to beer pong (won!) and had a blast!

Then on Saturday we went to the Scoutmob party at the Goat Farm where we volunteered for Frozen Pints, handing out beer ice cream samples to the first 250 attendees, then walked around taking in all the spooky artwork and of course finding the Smilebooth and snapping some pics! 

dutch_heshka copy
We both got a good deal on our costumes from Psycho Sisters in L5P and even though they’re prepackaged we added our own touches to them and made sure to ALWAYS have a beer (or two) in hand!

I’ll be laying a little lower this evening since I’m working a photobooth at Backbone Fest both Friday and Saturday night! Come to the Highland Ballroom for some lady talent at this female music and entertainment festival!

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and spppooooooooky night! 


There are several things you should know about MailChimp, first of all they are an email marketing service provider, based in Atlanta. Secondly, they are hilarious and add little details to everything to give it humor. Additionally, they make hats for cats and throw really awesome customer appreciation parties! I’ve been using them at my job for a few years now and attended last years first shindig. With photobooths, open bars, food trucks and a life sized MailChimp-their parties RULE!


they had a photo area set up that was for you to capture a pic, post to Instagram and hashtag #mailchimplovesme and then it’d be printed out for you to take home-Dustin and I got attacked by these crazy glamping critters!

like this dress? local? you’re in luck! I’m selling it to Rag-O-Rama or Buffalo Exchange. have had it for a couple years, it’s made more than one blog appearance (and lets be honest, it’s a little too short….)
—bye dress!

not shown* the owner of these two pieces’ nails which are basically smaller versions of the cell phone case. all of which she DIY’d!

when glamping gets weird.


above & below photo by Jason Travis for MailChimp

friends and users of MailChimp!

Dustin and I challenged everyone to a game of corn hole which we (naturally) took seriously and (sometimes naturally) won! GO TEAM PDA (ps Dustin, I’m still pulling for this to be our for real competing name, hahah!)

two flower arrangements in one!


event was at the Foundry at Puritan Mill where the Jezebel party was also hosted. love this place! has a industrial loft feel that’s both fancy and comfortable.

like I was saying, MailChimp has a funny sense of humor that you immediately notice when using their services. whether it’s a monkey hand giving you a high five for sending out a campaign or learning how to say “hello” in a different language, also from a monkey, they add cute little details to everything about their brand. at the party they gave away SO MUCH SWAG, I snagged a super soft t-shirt, bag made from their old billboards, another cat hat this one for Flynn, and cat hats for Dustin and I to match the boys! they had the above vending machine with little plush monkeys, guaranteed a winner every time!

Madewell socks, Anthropologie booties

such a blast, per usual!

Tonight I’m hosting a Vino + Vamps Halloween party at my place, pumpkins/snacks/WINE/fake blood/girl friends-can’t wait!


today marks my 27th year of being on planet earth! 
celebrated early on Friday evening at Trader Vic’s Tiki Bar in the Hilton hotel in Downtown. with my mom and her Bama friend in tow, Ryan and I met up with a group of friends for sugary island drinks while wearing Hawaiian themed outfits!
vintage “made in Hawaii” dress c/o EBV
yes, that’s a corsage!
picked up the phone to pretend dial for a “neat photo” and for some UNKNOWN reason started to dial 911. perhaps the child in me took over my adult senses, but luckily I realized what I was doing and punched several non-emergency numbers. thinking we would have been escorted out much quicker than when they really asked us to leave, which was after they had closed up shop at midnight!
since Ryan had surprised me with a corsage made of orchids and had a matching boutonniere for himself, we decided it was appropriate to slow dance in the middle of everyone–the catch was that there wasn’t any music!
this night, as you might imagine, was awesome! 
thanks to my buddy Darius for snapping these rad photos-one could learn a thing or two from his lighting usage.  Friday night was only the start of the weekend celebrations as the next day Ryan and I drove to Hilton Head for his sister’s collegiate golf tournament and a mini vacay. Saturday was mostly driving and settling into the condo, but also included a lovely birthday dinner with his folks at an authentic Italian restaurant where I was served sorbet in an ice sculpture!
Sunday was forecasted for crap weather, but it actually ended up being beautiful, so we rented beach cruisers and shredded some sand and waves! like any good day at the beach, Coronas were involved as well as sunscreen and pool times. 
thanks to my mom, friends, and boyfriend I can’t boast about this birthday enough! for the real birthday dinner we are going to The Lawrence in Midtown, after that it’s exercising time because next stop: HAWAII!