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Can you believe July is basically over? Summer is already coming to an end! *tears* I suppose I can’t complain about it flying by since I’ve had one helluva time. A girlfriend texted me the other day “are you on perma vacation?” and it made me laugh because that’s what it’s seemed like! But truthfully we’ve been really thrifty about our travels and it hasn’t broken the bank or set us back. One of these days we’ll do a bigger trip out of the country but for now it’s family vacation homes and keeping in the US. Here are some photos Dustin snapped as we were sweating and getting eaten by mosquitoes in Edisto, SC two weekends ago. I’m wearing a new Madewell dress that I scored for under $40!
Outfit details: Dress & Bag // Madewell, Shoes // Target, Shades // TOMS


As I’m sure you can imagine I’m somewhat overwhelmed (but really really excited!) with the beginning stages of wedding planning. I am thankful that we’ve decided to shoot for next Autumn so there’s time to figure things out.  I have quickly learned that the first and most important task is finding a venue and that it’s something to jump on right away. That being said I’ve already scheduled one visit at a barn on a plantation outside the city with several other locations in mind!  Another priority on my list is nailing down a general color scheme and theme because I want the save-the-dates and invites to follow to correspond with the colors we select.

Getting organized and started I got help from Ashleigh, who got married last October. She provided me with her Google docs and vendor list just as a reference. Dustin is excited about being involved and gives his two cents on ideas and brainstorms with me which is really nice. Can’t imagine battling to get an opinion! Also I have a personal wedding planner, my mom! She doesn’t live in Georgia but when go on vacation next week we’ll definitely knock off some of the to-dos. So far things are going good! Ask me in a few months and I hope to be thinking the same! Another thing I bet you could guess is that I’m going Pinterest crazy with wedding stuff! No’s a huge help having a digital mood board! Here are some of my favorite images and the overall vibe I’m thinking —

nativebearStamp set by local talent, Leela of Native Bear. Would love to support local and part DIY our invitations!

dressThis dress is actually from BHLDN and is sadly sold out. I’ve had it on my Pinterest board for a while and then spotted it worn in a real wedding via Our Labor of Love.

campReally like the use of lanterns and ferns to give a camp feel. Also would like to have some green garland around the altar area, not necessarily the tent that is shown here but the draping garland is nice.

confettiThese printed bags that contain coffetti to throw after the vows are a great idea! The photos would turn out really cool too!

supperDustin and I have already decided that we want long, rectangular tables vs. circle.

BEYNot sure what car yet but we do know we want to drive away in something vintage!
Click for Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There you have it, the very beginning stages of the Smith-Winchester wedding planning!

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14290748924_fc7301642b_bTo add to the holiday weekend my boss gave the entire office off this past Friday just cause (what a nice guy right?!!) so Dustin and I decided to take advantage and skip town for a night! Through Air B&B we booked a nights stay at a historic home and headed to North Georgia-specifically the Cleveland/Helen/Dahlonega area-to hike and take in the sights.  As one would expect I took a TON of photos so I’m splitting it up, this post is all about the hike we did through Raven Cliffs Falls.

14311426583_c964cbab0f_b14311412043_10cf1689ce_bThe hike from start to finish was around 5 miles and in that time we came across 2 salamanders (we held one!), 3 snakes (did NOT hold these..), a clicking beetle, lots of butterflies, a HUGE toad (biggest I’ve ever seen) and a bunch of millipedes/caterpillars/snails!! We are both nature lovers and took it all in with a smile that was until I swallowed a medium-sized bug of some sort and then I chocked for a bit until I got it down with some water and trail mix. Laughed it off and kept going..with my mouth closed!

The woods were so green that the trees made a nice canopy that kept us cool. We had forgotten bug spray but thankfully didn’t really get bit. The weather was pretty humid until a small storm rolled through and chilled things down a little, we were scared at first thinking we are going to get drenched since we had two cameras on us but our tree canopy helped with this as well. The actual trail is a mix of dirt, rocks and LOTS of tree roots which made it hard to take your eyes of the ground at many points if you didn’t want to trip or roll an ankle. I really enjoyed the actually climbing parts when we hiked down to a few smaller falls, especially since I had a handsome man helping me!

14268127916_2f285b86aa_b14104602138_e622386f1f_b14104549319_6e44f07567_bThis mega waterfall was the “end” of the trail, aka our mission, which we reached in just shy of 2 hours after stopping and playing with all the bugs and things we saw along the way. Dustin had been on this hike about a half dozen times so he knew it well and told me that the “ultimate view” was getting ON TOP of this cliff {waterfall} and looking down(!!!) I agreed to try and we hiked up the rocky “trail” to the side of it to the almost top. Then I slipped down some clay and was trapped under a fallen tree holding on for dear life and laugh-crying while experiencing the WORST WEDGIE I’ve ever had and couldn’t move (thanks overall shorts..) So once Dustin helped me up and I gathered myself and dusted off what clay I could, we hiked back down to the normal trail and started our way back to the car. The only injuries I faced from my slip and fall was a really dirty bum and dyed forearms from the clay.

14268089316_83c822c3e5_b14289295802_7a77a5f1bc_bI felt good having an Eagle Scout with me on the trails, however, next time I should remember Dustin is an experienced hiker and that “easy trail” may mean that’s it’s more difficult to me! Our next visit to N. Georgia we’d like to camp on the premises of the trail, after all it’s first come first serve and FREE as well as go tubing!

Coming up: photos from Mountain Laurel Farm Bed & Breakfast!


13728992533_96eb80f0aa_bSaturday I joined the ladies-only bike ride, Critical Asss, for my second round at taking over the ATL streets.  We started the ride at Bookhouse Pub, road through the Highlands to Little Five Points, down Edgewood and ended around where we started. The cool breeze and sun provided a beautiful day for riding!

13728977343_e12c69371a_bHanging with repeat riders Stephanie and Elizabeth.

13729073263_f94cca2b50_bBabette Dj Taradactyl riding in style!

13729376764_034ea6de06_bMatching Linus X TOMS bikes!

13729389554_73ec30c937_bBorrowed Dustin’s helmet cause it matched my outfit better than my mint one, Yep, that’s a thing.

13728952805_8ee5ec7ac5_bI’m so proud to be a women when I participate in lady-only events. The natural bond that women share is so powerful.  This ride is proof- no one is left behind, left out or criticized. Each lady is included in the group even if you’re new and don’t know a soul. If you are in the area, I encourage you to join!

13728925993_4db32a1852_bTara sporting some new high-top Chucks, looking ultra casual chic!


13729021955_e64ba10cf0_bBike outfit details- top/jacket thing-LOFT, t-shirt-H&M, jeans-7 For All Mankind, sneakers-Gola, shades-Oakley

See my first ride here.

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13096816524_5bbcabbc79_bHere they are, the picnic pics! I’m extremely happy with how these turned out, we couldn’t have asked for better weather and the sun and shade were perfect for photo snapping. Everyone pitched in flowers, snacks, drinks and blankets to make the perfect hillside picnic area with DIY flower crown making. Some ladies brought their dogs and one sweet girl made a flower crown for her furry friend. Take a look at our Saturday afternoon by the Grant Park pond!-

13096648873_4bf528e543_b13096495185_6bf80ddbf3_b13096807154_ca9305c6c2_b13096504475_a3a16933b6_bThe tunes were provided by Ruby from this vintage suitcase boombox with solar panel battery pack, yep, solar freakin powered!

13096452245_42e279eaa7_b13096767704_6993a53fd9_b13096590003_ea04637efb_b(above) What would a girl party be without Franzia?! (below) This was Sydney’s mom’s picnic basket and totally has a matching blanket to go with!

13096803334_4a71470314_b13096600633_02760a7a9b_bThe youngest party girl sporting her crown made by momma, isn’t she adorable?! Even wearing a flower tank.

13096798674_60ebeebf9c_b13096790754_473b923982_bGir and her momma, she didn’t mind wearing the crown at all and walked around with it on her little furry head!

13096575593_f45776404c_bThese were the components to my crown. I learned from a few ladies that had made some really kick ass ones that it’s best to make little bundles-almost like boutonnieres-and then put it together on the crown structure. I liked this method a lot with using real flowers.

13096461285_99fc58edbe_b13096757104_cea1f9a448_b13096778984_a7e486bf37_b13096639753_e2f13f3d04_bI’m wearing an H&M dress (that I ripped 3 times, the slit is now much higher than it used to be, oops!) Anthro boots, Clothing Warehouse shades, Madewell necklace and a vintage charm bracelet I picked up at a clothing swap.

Like I said on many social media outlets, this day cannot be beat! Well, unless we just recreated it entirely and I’m so down for that (hint hint Allie!) It was nice chatting with old friends, making new ones and getting crafty. I’ve noticed at these types of events where there’s a craft along with party I usually get distracted for the first hour or so I’m there and then get going on the craft. My Vino and Vajayjayz group is making dream catchers on Tuesday along with the usual food and vino and while I know I’ll get distracted by wine and friends I hope to come home with a new one to put by my bed!